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Ireland 14 day tour

Expect elevators in city hotels but on road what is the expected level for carrying of bags for sleep accommodations. Are we dealing with narrow steps & what level? Question asked as assistance would seem to be unavailable. Towns are Kinsale,Dingle,Galway,Wesport, & Portrush. Request response from travelers who have taken this trip with RS

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I was on this wonderful trip a couple of years ago. Nearly everywhere had elevators. The most I carried my suitcase up was maybe one flight.

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Took this great tour in 2019. I don’t recall any long or narrow stairs, but you could be in different hotels so I suggest you direct your question to RS tour department.

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I have not taken this tour, but I have taken other RS tours. I have found the other tour members to be extremely congenial. If you were to get to one hotel where, for some odd reason you couldn't manage your bag, I'm pretty sure someone would step up and help you.

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I wasn't on that tour, but on one of the Italy tours at least one of the places had a fairly long walk and somewhat narrow stairs. I think the idea is this: you can probably get someone to help you if you need it, but I would not count on getting assistance with every hotel. In other words, If you can carry your own luggage most of the time, then you can probably get help the one or two times you need it, but I wouldn't count on getting help at every single hotel. If you need help at every hotel, then it might not be the best tour for you.

But as a previous poster said, you would do best by contacting the Rick Steves office.

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I have done this tour although a number of years ago so hotels can change. We had a fairly long walk thru town pulling our luggage from where the bus parked to the hotel in Kinsale but I don’t recall any major steps on this tour.

I will add that if you feel you will not be able to manage your suitcase most of the time perhaps another tour company would work better. Road Scholar is my alternate tour company if I like their itinerary better but they also porter your bags to/from the bus.

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My suggestion would be to pack a small lightweight (4 to 5 oz) tote in your luggage like RS sells. Ask the guide ahead of time if there is an upcoming accommodation where there is no elevator or difficult stairs and, if so, just pack what you need for the one or two nights in that little tote and leave the rest of your luggage in the deep storage in the bus. Or if you have a small backpack with you, put your things in there for the one or two nights.

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I’d like to point out that the last time I stayed in Dublin, my city-centre hotel had 4 or 5 floors and no elevator, so don’t take it for granted that yours will have one - better check with RS office

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I'm taking this tour next month and just got the hotel list. It looks like all but one or two of the seven hotels have elevators. You won't necessarily have the same ones, of course.

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I took the 14 day tour in 2014 started in dublin and ended in dublin

Dublin was buswells had elevators ( Cassidy’s was the 8 day tour, elevator)

Kinsale was friars lodge, don’t remember

Dingle ( heatons and castle wood). Stairs only one flight

Galway was 3 b&b Petra house, balcony house, and Ardawn…. Stairs at ours Ardawn

Westport - Clew bay hotel- elevator

Portrush - Ramada portrush. Elevators

Back to dublin at buswells.