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How often do tours end up getting cancelled?

Hello, I am contemplating either taking a cruise (with another company) or doing one of the RS land-based tours (looking at Turkey early next year. at the moment) One of the points I am trying to figure out is the likelihood of a booked tour being cancelled (I am not thinking about world events (like a covid resurgence or the unlikely (but not impossible) event of Turkey getting involvement in the fighting in Ukraine - those are beyond anyone's control ) I am more concerned about not enough people registering and it being cancelled for economic reasons.

How much notice are we likely to get if something like that happens? Is it a common occurrence?

One of things that started me looking at a land based tour is prior bad experiences with Cruises being cancelled,


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I am not aware of any Best of Turkey tours having been canceled this year. This fall's Best of Turkey tours (11 or 12 of them) are all waitlisted.

I went on the Best of Turkey and Best of Istanbul tours this spring and absolutely loved both! You can read more in my on the road "3 Weeks in Turkey" trip report for tips and ideas for free time and pre-tour activities.

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Rick Steves tours are very rarely canceled. I would contact the tour office directly with your questions as they can tell you actual statistics and give you a sense of how many people are signed up for the tour you are interested in.

You will find that the tours don’t have the same issues as the cruise lines.

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If there is another Covid outbreak like before, tours and cruises will both be cancelled.

If Turkey gets "involved" in the actual war that means NATO will be involved and all of Europe will be involved. It wouldn't be smart to go to much of Europe for any reason.

As stated before, RS tours rarely cancel. Cruises might cancel for more reasons than a tour but it depends on where your cruise is headed.

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In April I had my August Best of Bulgaria tour cancelled because of logistical problems. I was offered 2 more dates for the tour as well as being reimbursed up to $300 for any change or cancellation fees imposed by the airlines on my tickets. I opted to go on a Best of Tuscany tour instead. This is the 15th Rick Steve’s tour I’m taking and other than the total Covid shut down, my only cancellation.

You absolutely will enjoy touring Turkey. I’ve done the Turkey tour. I enjoyed it so much I returned with a friend the next year to see more of the country and it’s people.