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How Many Fairy Tales on the "Fairy Tale Highway" BoG 13- day tour

"Day 3: Germany's Fairy Tale Highway
Today we'll take off for the countryside that inspired a thousand legends and visit the real-life settings where the Brothers Grimm did much of their fairy-tale research in the 1830s. We'll also stop to pay our respects at the site of the all-too-real WWII Bergen-Belsen memorial. Sleep in Lower Saxony (1 night). Bus: 3 hours. Walking: moderate."
I have taken several RS tours and loved each, but more recently have traveled on my own. As a folktale devotee and librarian I have always wanted to see the Grimm's "Fairy Tale Highway". There is a self- driving route, but I don't like driving in other countries, there are some cheese-y looking tours- and I have looked at trains, i.e. to Bremen or Hameln.
If you have taken this tour, how much of the day is actually about the tales? Which sites?
Thank you!

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If you don't hear from someone who has been on this tour, feel free to call the RS office to ask your questions. They are very helpful and should be able to give more detail about he activities on this day.

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Certainly, ask Rick's office. The actual site(s) you see might vary with which trip you take, but I would not expect that you would see many, since most of the Fairy Tale Road is not in Niedersachsen (most is in Hesse). You might get to see Bremen (wasn't there a fairy tale about the animals going "nach Bremen"?). Bergen Belsen is north of Hanover; the most famous fairy tale venue, Hameln, is to the south-west (although it's possible if you are headed to Köln the next day).

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Hi Karen (Seattle),
We took this tour May 2017. The morning of Day 3 we spent at The Bergen-Belsen Memorial (former concentration camp). During the afternoon bus ride, we were given an overview by our guides of Grimms brothers "Fairy Tales" and the history of the collection of tales by the Grimms brothers. We had a short stop at the Sababurg Castle and a short walk in some woods. So, not a lot of emphasis on the "Fairy Tale Highway". Would suggest calling the office for more details in case the tour has changed.
Happy travels!

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Thanks, all! Will check with the RS office if I do start serious planning!