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How do I change the name on my account

I am so confused. I signed up for my account using my nickname. I want to sign up for a 2024 tour, and the form autopopulates with my nickname (because I'm logged into my account). I cannot change it to my full legal name that is on my passport, which is how I want to register for the rick steves tour. When I go to "my account," I don't see anywhere to edit my profile or personal details (all I can find is a place to change my email address). What am I missing? Anyone know how to do this?

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Probably not a big deal. You will have to submit your passport at some point, so for the documents that matter it will be on file.

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When I view my account and try to change my name it says "Please contact Tour Sales & Service at 425-771-8303 or if you need to change your first name." (Similar for last name. )

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My husband and I both go by our middle names, and that is the way our tours are booked with RSE. When we need to give passport information, we of course use our full legal names.

This works, and keeps us from being called by the wrong names while on tour or when dealing with the folks at the RSE office.