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How Did You Spend Your $100 Voucher?

I just got my box of free goodies today. I chose:
Streetwise Stockholm
Streetwise Copenhagen
Classic toiletries kit (the one I have now is too big)
Don't Tell Rick Bag
Travel Kit
King size microfiber towel

What did you get?

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Fun question...I loved getting things for "free".
I got the following:
Greece book
Greek language book
alarm clock: so will have alarm clock and my iPod...because this non-morning person does't want to be the one late for the bus in the morning!
compass: So I know east and west for choosing sun rise and sun set photography locations ahead of time
RS iPad veloce bag...because I had to spend the rest on something...who doesn't need another bag?!

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We choose:
2 Super King size microfiber towels
leather cash pocket purse
Italy Guide book
several plug adapters

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We bought three Streetwise maps: London, Rome, and Florence; a handful of adapters; tiny luggage locks; the England guidebook, and express shipping. We had fun shopping for treats.

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The compass came in my travel kit. I think that will come in handy.
I wish I had ordered the double King size towel. Will put that on my list for my next trip!

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Order designed to be closest to $100 without going over. Went on the Portugal tour. Already owned the RS Portugal book. We used everything we ordered. While I did have the entire RS book with me I ripped out the relevant section each day and put it in the binder and into my day bag. I enjoyed the toiletries kit more than I expected and will use it again.

Qty: 1, Price: $39.99
Total: $39.99

Qty: 1, Price: $24.99
Total: $24.99

Qty: 1, Price: $5.99
Total: $5.99

Qty: 1, Price: $2.99
Total: $2.99

Qty: 1, Price: $12.99
Total: $12.99

Qty: 2, Price: $1.00 (was $3.99)
Total: $2.00

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After taking 14 RS tours, there was nothing left in his store that we still needed. I asked if the voucher could be applied to our bill and was told no, either use it there of loose it. So, my wife purchased one of their new wheelie bags even though we have about 6 RS bags already. I cost just over $100 so she paid the difference.

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Maybe for your next tour and voucher you can get a head start on Christmas gifts?

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haven't used mine yet. Waiting on suitcase or backpack sell. Possibly get a backpack

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I'm waiting for the 30-day cancellation period to end so I can do my shopping. I can't get as much, since the shipping here takes a big chunk out, but I'm still happy. I'm thinking about the Flexilock and I'll use the rest for guidebooks for my tour (Greece), my next solo trip after that (Budapest) and maybe Portugal since it's high on my list, even though it's not on the calendar yet.

I love that I get all this stuff, rather than another money belt!

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Like Kim, I too am waiting for the sales! I will probably get another bag of some sort. I don't need the book, found it on Amazon way cheaper, plus Prime there was no shipping. On a side note, I recently got a survey dealing with how I spent or will spend my trip voucher. Plus, a question on whether this is my first tour or returning customer.

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Debra, it's encouraging to me to hear you have received a survey. Maybe the staff is revisiting the voucher allowance, especially important for those of us who have taken multiple tours and pretty much "bought out the store"! I'd love to see other ways to spend; like planning sessions with the tour gurus, gift cards, application to price of tour, etc......

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debra - I got the same email for my 2016 tour. Yes I usually buy by books on amazon cheaper and prime like you said.

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How about an option to donate a portion of the 100.00 to charity, or purchase something to donate?

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wjm457, what a good suggestion. That would be a worthy way to "spend" the voucher.

Andi, I have 12 previous trips under my belt. Believe me, I have a lot of travel gear. At least we can pick and choose what we want, instead of getting the original tour package. I still feel that this is a nice perk, along with tour discount. The early booking discount is nice too. Except, there is no early booking discount on the "Off Season" tours. I learned this after booking the early Sicily tour.

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wjm457, that is a great idea! Hopefully, it will become an option. Debra, I have your tours +6 and have been buying from the store regularly since I took my first tour. So, truthfully nothing left to buy except new editions of the tour books as they are released. I guess I will have to find more tours to take!! Darn...... I have loved spending the "found" money and maybe by the time I sign up for my next tour, there will be more new and wonderful items available for purchase!

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Hi all,

We are glad everyone is enjoying getting their $100 Voucher for Travel Merchandise. This is yours to use however you choose. We hope though that people will first consider getting the tour kit. This has what we believe are the primary needs for your tour. That is the tour Guidebook and a moneybelt. Each individual should have one of these to be best prepared for their tour. The books are referenced quite often by the Guide and can help you with your sightseeing and dining options, and the moneybelt is an essential element of traveling safely and securely. These can be found when you click on the Tour Kit section under Shop Online and then go to your tour. After that you should have a little left over to get something else for your trip. If you have any questions about the Voucher or Tour Kit please give us a call. Cheers.

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Hi Keith. I just got my voucher, Thank You. I had a couple money belts I acquired a few years ago and a couple RS ones from pre-voucher days (BTW - the RS ones are the best). I'm going for the guide books and . . . hmmmm.

When are you going to sell the ebook versions as well as the paper ones. I bought the RS Barcelona ebook and found it was as easy to use on my home computer as a regular guide book and a lot easier to pack on my iPod Touch. I hope I didn't infringe on any laws by printing out a few pages - maps and walking tours. And now that I have a Kindle . . .