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Hotels on Mont St Michel

I’m planning to do RS Paris and the Heart of France in October. I did the same tour in 2009 and recall that the hotel we stayed at on Mt St Michel was terrible. I don’t remember the name of the hotel but it was on the right side after entering the gates. What sticks in my mind was hiking up 200 winding steps to reach a room with no view and black mold in the bathroom shower. Just wondering if anyone who took this tour recently can report on the hotel used. Thank you.

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We did the tour in May 2023. The name of the hotel we were at was the Auberge Saint Pierre (3 stars) on the Grand Rue, Mont St, Michel.
There were three or more buildings that the tour group was assigned to. Our room was further up the street above the Restaurant La Croix Blanche. (2 stars) I remember the circular stairs to our room, which was on the top floor, but I don't think it was 200 steps. We had a view of the street. Other people had a separate room in a one story building further up the hill and I remember our tour guide said she would assign those to the younger and able bodied members. Breakfast was on the second floor of the Auberge Saint Pierre. Hope this info helps.

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I was on this tour in April and stayed at the same hotel annex as previous poster Derek. However I was fortunate enough to have a room overlooking the water and the roadway to the island. The room was very clean and basic and comfortable - no issues with it other than having to walk up the circular stairs to the top floor. Enjoy the tour - I loved it!

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We went on the same tour in 2017 and also stayed in Auberge St. Pierre. We were fortunate to have been assigned a room with a small balcony with a beautiful view overlooking the water. The room was small and adequate but nothing fancy.

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Interesting contrast with this recent set of glowing reports:

We spent four hours at MSM, mid-morning arrival by car, and that was fine with us. There is no luxury option "ON" the island, as far as I can tell. And there have been complaints about restaurant dining options here.

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Thanks to everyone for responding. I think that’s the same hotel and I’m happy to hear you’ve all had good recent experiences. I’m sure it’s difficult to maintain the properties with the unique weather conditions there but the mold really freaked me out. This will be my 10th RS tour. Honestly, not looking for luxury, just clean. Very much looking forward to this tour, thank you!