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Hotels in Mala Strana, Prague

We will be doing the RS Best of Eastern Europe tour in June. First stop is Prague. We will be arriving a couple of days early, to overcome jet lag and to do some of our own sightseeing. The RS hotel is in the Old City. I would like to stay in Mala Strana (on the other side of the river) before the tour, because I want to see a couple of sights there. Does anyone have recommendations for a decent, mid-priced hotel in Mala Strana? We are a group of three, and are willing to either triple up, or get two rooms.

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Just hop on and use the map feature and see what's available in your price range right on the west side of the Charles Bridge - that's where I stayed last time I visited. (Can't recommend it - it was tiny but cheap, perfect for a frugal solo traveler but that's it.) I really like Mala Strana. But be careful you don't go too far from the river or you would wind up on the foot of the steep hill going up to the castle! Read the reviews of any place you'd book - not just on but on Trip Advisor. I always do.

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Oops, should have posted in the Czech Republic part of the forum.

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Have you consideredan Airbnb? We’re doing the same tour in September and booked two nights ahead. We’re near Old City but we have an entire apartment for a great price. The only downside is we’ll have to find our own breakfast.