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Hotel safes?

Do the hotels on a Rick Steves tour typically have in-room safes? I have not traveled too much to Europe so I don't know if this is common or not. We are going to be in Italy on a tour followed by 4 days in Switzerland. I'm wondering about my iPad - I don't want to take it with me every day while sightseeing, but not sure if it's safe to leave it in the room. Thanks.

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some do, and some don't. when you get the list of tour hotels, you can check their websites and see if they mention it. I dont find European hotels to be any more sinister, or untrustworthy than hotels in the US (or Canada), so what do you do with your iPad when traveling domestically?

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For the past few years we have traveled with an ipad. Will throw it in the suitcase and lock the suitcase with a small combo lock. Haven't had a problem. Have no reason to believe that a Europe hotel or service staff is any less trustworthy than their US counterpart. Over the past twenty years we have never lost an item in a European hotel room or US for that matter even when we don't lock the suitcases.

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Most hotels did have them on my last tour. Plan B could be to lock it inside your suitcase, which seems better than sitting out in the open.

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Don't travel with what you can't afford to lose. Most travelers know about leaving the family heirlooms home.

I travel with a Nexus 7 tablet. I avoid or minimize storing personal information (i.e. no financial data) on my travel tablet. I don't "save" passwords.

Of course, bad things can happen if you want to worry. Someone could find out that you are traveling abroad and clean out your home while you are traveling. Possible, but not likely.

Be prepared. But don't obsess. Be happy, you're on holiday.

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I always travel with a small Netbook and have never had a problem just locking it inside my Backpack when I'm out touring.

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Why is it always hotel staff that are accused here when this comes up? It seems to me the far more likely culprits of hotel room thefts are other guests passing by an open door. Cleaning staff will often open several rooms at once and work in an area, not just one room at a time. All it takes is less than 5 seconds for someone passing by to step in and grab a laptop or tablet from a tabletop if they see it.

So anyway, the key thing is to always put valuables away, either in a safe or in your bag. Better is to secure the bag with a travel lock so no one can easily peek at what's inside.

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We travel to Europe every other year and I've never used a hotel safe, even when one is provided. I use a small TSA lock on my suitcase and put anything I don't want to leave out in the suitcase before I leave the room. Never had any problems.

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I wasn't trying to imply that European hotel staff are worse than US staff. I use hotel safes in the US and would similarly use them if available when overseas. Rick's books talk a lot about theft in Europe, and I'm relatively new to this so I thought I would ask. I'm sorry if my question offended anyone!