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Hotel air conditioning in July for 10-day Venice, Florence, Rome tour

I'm interested in joining the 10 days Venice, Florence Rome tour in July but got concerned when I read the description on the hotels possibly having no or little air conditioning. July is the hottest month and I'm worried that me and my 2 teens will not be able to sleep at night with just electric/ceiling fans. Which hotels are in these cities and do they have air conditioning?

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Some hotels have a/c and some don't. Some cities require hotels to have infrared sensors in the rooms that cuts off a/c if no one is in the room. But few a/c systems match those in North America.

Would I head for Italy in mid Summer? No. It is best seen in April, May, late September and October.

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We have been on 7 RS tours, although not in the summer. When I have had a question before I sign up and after I sign up, I pick up the phone and call the tour department. I have found that they are helpful and
truthful. I understand that if you have teens the only time to travel is when they are out of school.

If you do go I hope you all have a Great Trip!


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I did the 21Best of Europe the end of August a few years ago so that landed me in Venice, Florence and Rome the 1st full week of September. It was pretty hot and all the hotels did have AC as well as table fans. None had ceiling fans. I'd go for the lightest pjs they have and have a wonderful time!

I'm guessing this time of year is the only time you can travel with them, so I'd go for it! You'll make memories of a lifetime for/with them!

editing to add: Mimi posted while I was thinking...hahha. I'd agree with her on calling the tour department and talking to someone. They are very helpful and ~may~ be able to tell you if there are other teens on the tour date.

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I've done all of my Italy travels in June, and from my experiences I wouldn't go without definite AC in my room. It can be very hot and definitely humid even in June. You won't be able to even open your windows for a breeze in Venice or Florence because you'll probably be eaten alive by mosquitoes...from my experiences. Even if mosquitoes posed no problem, noise from bars and cafes that could be literally right under your window can be super annoying - not to even mention the cigarette smoke wafting into your open windows.

Yep - AC is a MUST!

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Our first trip to Italy was in August. I only booked one night in Venice—we had 2 full days—as I was afraid of heat and smell. It was warm, but not hot. We got very lucky. We had temps in the 70’s in Venice, Florence and Rome. We had an air conditioner in Rome, but rarely used it. Our neighbors were in Italy that year in June/July and temps in the 90’s.

I would think most hotels in these cities would have some cooler.
Also, never saw a mosquito. We saw some in Sicily last year on our RS tour in April. We were warned and got repellent while in Palermo. If you’re worried, bring some or get in Italy.
Have a great trip.

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I am pretty sure the RS tour department is aware that while no ac in a london hotel in july may be a fair risk to take .. it would not be the same for Rome etc..
I have only taken one RS tour, it was in July as I was taking my then 11 yr old daughter, we did stay in Rome , Venice and Florence. All hotels had decent ac.

Our hotel in Wengen did not have ac.. but lets face it.. it doesnt heat up there like it does in Italy. RS will put you in hotels that may not have ac.. but I seriously doubt they expect anyone to stay in most parts of Italy in the heat of summer without it..