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Honest opinions about France Tours (Mobility)

Hi folks. I need an honest opinion from anyone who has taken the Best Of Paris or Best Of Paris and France 11 day tour. My wife , due to brain tumor complications has lost peripheral vision and at times there are balance issues . We took the Best Of London tour and she did remarkably well. The buddy system worked, we were in city streets and sidewalks and overall it was a great experience. We did have a couple of issues with balance and walking off curbs but the fact that everyone in the group knew her situation helped. Also staying in the same hotel the whole trip was great. We considered a Scottish trip next but folks on this forum suggested against it because of rocky surfaces, hill climbing etc.
My question is this...if you’ve taken either the Paris in 7 days or Best Of Paris and France in 11 days what are your thoughts?
Would one be better than another, are there issues to take note of etc.?
Thanks so much

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I am missing some lower peripheral vision in one eye and I have some balance issues. I did the Paris in 7 days tour. It was fine, especially compared to other places I’ve been in Europe. I am more cognizant about looking at the ground now and take my time on steps. Europe is tough to navigate with its uneven curbs and sidewalks and cobblestones. Having buddies to lookout for hazards helps. Usually the more quaint the city,the worse the sidewalks and streets are.

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I went on the Paris & Heart of France tour. I would think the same issues will apply on this trip as individuals posted about Scotland: I remember Mont St. Michel having lots of stairs with no hand rails, also, I believe, uneven stair heights. Cobblestone in Paris. stairs in the Metro, etc. The towns in the Loire Valley do not present any major terrain problems. Normandy has the beaches to navigate. Giverny is all level ground.

It sounds like your wife can do the walking distances, it is mainly balance issues for her, right?

I've been to Paris a number of times and I think she would do fine on the 7 Day Paris as well as the Paris & Heart of France tour.
Enjoy France!

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We didn't have an issue, but one of tour mates needed two sticks on our tour to France. She participated in almost all activities including Mont St Michel, Normandy, and neighborhoods. I think most of the folks on a RS tour are pretty supportive and understanding.

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Hello Chuck,
Sign up for the tours...”don’t want to wake up one morning and wish you had”!
Easy for me to say...well my wife and I last year did the best of Paris tour then jumped right into the Eastern France tour. We had a wonderful time...and VERY glad I/we followed my words of wisdom above.
Chuck...I do understand where you are and your wife has had 2 major brain surgeries and follow up major radiation for brain tumors...some of which could not/can not be removed. She shares the same issue(s) with your wife.
I am very careful watching over her...and the RS groups...and guides have been excellent when they realize my wife’s medical history/issues.
Later this month we are going on another RS tour...and looking forward to it! thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife...sign up and go!
Paris was wonderful...Eastern France was wonderful and the folks with RS are outstanding!
Good luck!

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I haven't done the Best of London tour, so I can't compare for you, but I have spent a bit of time in London and am familiar with the city and sights. I can't imagine the Paris tour being any more difficult on your wife. The logistics seem like they would be similar- getting into and out of the metro stations, walking on uneven sidewalks, etc. I recall the tour being pretty museum heavy, so there was a decent amount of indoor time. I think the most difficult day was when we went to Montmartre, which is a hilly area. If she has trouble walking up and down steep grades that might be a consideration.