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Hiking the Camino with Rick

Hi, we signed up for the RS Basque Country tour in May 2022! Does anyone know for the walk on the Camino, where do you begin walking and where do you end? We think it ends in San Sebastian. How long are you on the trail and how far do you walk? One of the reviews indicate that folks walked portions of two days, is that correct? So excited, we’ve been looking forward to this tour for several years. Any insight appreciated!

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If you look at the itinerary on the tour page, it's just a portion of the day you travel from Pamplona to San Sebastian.

It was a total of about 5 miles, and was broken into 3 sections. We were able to choose any combination if we didn't want to do the whole 5 miles.

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Donna, on the trip itinerary it looks like much of Day 5 is on the Camino, ending in San Sebastian. Up to 8 miles, says the description of the day.

Day 5: All Day on the Camino de Santiago

Today we'll board our bus and drive deeper into El País Vasco — the
Spanish Basque Country. But we'll also make our way to San Sebastián
as pilgrims, hiking along a stretch of the famous Camino de Santiago.
We'll stop for a well-deserved lunch and tasting of regional vintages
at a local winery, arriving in San Sebastián in time to get oriented
to our new neighborhood. The evening is all yours to simply soak in
the sights of the beautiful Bay of Biscay surrounding you.

Strenuous walking: 2–8 miles throughout the day with lots of hills,
stairs, and uneven terrain. Bus: 2 hours. Sleep in San Sebastián.

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2 DAYS? More like 2-3 hours. It was a half day activity on my tour. But, the tour has changed. My tour was 3 cities with three nights in each.

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When I took this in 2017, we started at Alto del Perdon (the metal sculpture of pilgrims) and finished at the church Santa Maria de Eunate. The walk was broken into three segments and you checked in with guide at end of each segment. If someone wanted to skip a segment, they could take the bus to the next checkpoint. I don’t think any of the segments took more than an hour. According to googlemaps, this is a total of 8.6 km.

It is a great tour.

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By the way, the movie ”The Way” has beautiful scenery from along the Camino, including the section you will walk.

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I did this tour about 6 to 7 years ago. Back then it was three cities not four, with three nights in each city. I liked that extra night in each city. We stopped in Pamplona but did not stay there. Be prepared for some of the best food in Europe, IMHO.

The walk was about 2-3 hours. The bus dropped us off and there were pickup points along the route. We mostly walked through farmland. I doubt if we had the same experience as those who had spent days on the trail, but it did provide some understanding of what the walk is about and that's what counted for me. Unlike the movie, I did not meet a herd of somewhat odd but interesting characters. Well, expect for the people on the tour with me. :-)

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Thanks for all your responses, exactly the information I was looking for! We’re planning to watch The Way again this week. The story is so moving and the scenery is beautiful. Hope to be able to experience a fraction of this journey next May. Appreciate your feedback.

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You will love this tour! Amazing sites, food, and just about a half day walking as others have mentioned. We went at the end of June, 2018 during a heat wave and it was still a wonderful walk.