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Heart of Scotland activities

Hi. I am trying to plan some activities in Scotland, the Heart of Scotland 8-day tour. On this tour, is Clava Cairns visited when we go to Culloden? Also, what approximate time is the free time on Days 5, 6, and 7 in Edinburgh? Thank you for any info.

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Just speaking generally, free time on tours is hard to plan ahead of time because so many things can change in the moment. I think this is especially true these days. Sometimes a tour activity has to be switched because somebody/something is unavailable at the planned time.

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When I took the longer Scotland tour a couple years ago we were supposed to go to Clava Cairns. However, a couple weeks before, I think, we got an email saying we would not be able to go as a group activity because of bus size & weight. The Rick Steves tour office might be able to give you an estimate of when and how long the free time is when you are in Inverness.

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I got back from the 13 day Scotland tour a few weeks ago. A group of us hired a taxi to take us to Clava Cairns from Culloden. Having seen the site, I'm not sure a large tour bus could fit in that parking lot. But it is very doable if you want to go during your free time! Our guide helped us book a taxi the day before and we arranged to leave separately from Culloden since it was so close.