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Heart of Ireland 8 day tour-luggage; June 2019

This is our first ever, organized tour, and RS tour. We are looking into luggage and my husband thinks a roller/backpack. I'm not a fan of backpack. I have no problem carrying a roller up stairs or along a bumpy path just as long as it's not more than 5-10 minutes. Longer than that would be Any advice is appreciated.


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Hi Angela - I took this tour a year and a had ago, and don't recall having to walk more than 5-10 minutes with my bag. I think the longest distance I walked with was in that amount of time, which was from the bus stop in Ennis to the hotel there. It's a terrific trip - enjoy!

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Angela, get a roller for yourself. Let DH carry the backpack. As long as you read the material and know how much you have to roll your luggage over cobblestone streets you'll be fine. We just got back from the Sicily tour and it was awesome! Have a wonderful time!

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We just took this tour last October. Great tour with a real variety of sights and activities! We both have rollers and never had to roll them too far. The hotel in Kilkenny had an annoying amount of stairs both up and down to get to our room. It is an old building kind of cobbled together. But I roll my roller up and down stairs sometimes. 😊
The charming b&b in Dingle had a gravel path in from where the bus dropped us. Five minute walk. I rolled my bag.
Also we walked to the hotel in Ennis from the train/bus station. All paved and level. Way easier than a heavy backpack.
In general, over the last five years of doing five RS tours, only a couple tour members didn’t use rolling bags. I’m not sure though how many were convertible. But I didn’t see very many used that way.
Have a wonderful time!

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It's definitely a matter of personal preference. My wife and I use travel backpacks and like them very much. We pack light enough that carrying them, even for extended time, isn't uncomfortable at all. Fully loaded for a trip they each weigh about 20-22 lbs. The ones we use are MEI Voyageurs that weigh about 3.5 lbs empty. We carry small day packs folded up inside our Voyageurs; we don't carry separate "personal items" on flights. I don't have personal experience with a roller/backpack combo, but I'd be inclined to think that it may not be optimal for either mode.