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Have you taken the RS Sicily Tour?

Hi, I'm taking the Sicily tour in mid-September and am wondering if it's worth staying in Cefalu for one more night or if the time spent there with the group is enough. Thanks.

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I have taken the tour. I do recommend another night there. It was one of my favorite towns, small narrow streets, a nice beach. Not lots of sights but great for wandering the streets and finding some rocky access to the water.

Enjoy. The food on that tour was fabulous.

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We travelled independently to Cefalu for 4 days/5 nights mid Sept 2014 and enjoyed our time wandering the streets during the day but it was particularly nice at night with the lighting and fewer people about. It's great just to stroll the alleys, do a quick tour of the cathedral and check out the restaurants and some of the shops. We spent several hours one day on the sandy beach and splashing around in the shallow water and it was fine. Another day we did a day trip to the Aeolian Islands right from the small Cefalu marina, and another day doing a road trip around the area to see some outlying villages.

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I've taken the Sicily tour and would also recommend spending at least one additional night in Cefalù. It's a scenic town with beautiful beaches, and lots of fun to wander around. Unfortunately staying another night wasn't possible on my tour, as we visited Cefalù right after leaving Palermo.

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I was going to buck the trend and suggest you not stay another night, until I checked the itinerary. When we went on the tour last spring, the group stayed two nights in Cefalu, right after Palermo. That was plenty for us, but your tour ends up there after only one night. So yes, stay another night. One night in a town is never long enough, and Cefalu, while not my favorite place, has plenty to offer. The weather should be beautiful, and there are interesting walks to take and great restaurants. Buon viaggio.

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It looks like your bus will arrive in Cefalu by noon, so you have an afternoon free on that day. I think the opportunity for you to spend another (whole) relaxing day on your own is one reason that the tour itinerary has been re-ordered to end there. On any tour, the people who are flying out immediately afterward can get a bit stressed about being packed and ready to fly, but they always make it work.

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Agreed - 2 nights would be better. I recommend the hike (more of a strenous walk really) up to the top of La Rocca. Take a picnic and enjoy the spectacular views.

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Wonderful. I have booked a second night. Looking forward to relaxing for a second night before I head off to three nights on my own. Can't decide 3 nights in Rome or 3 nights in Assisi with time for day trips. You can help me decide :)

Grazie mille!

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There's a good-sized sandy beach in Cefalu and it's fun to walk through the streets, lots of shops, but not kitschy.

Assisi and day trips - are you going to rent a car? Assisi is not well-connected by train. It's perched on a hill and the train station is in the modern town below. You'll need about 1/2 hour each way just to get to/from the train station, then take regional (slow) trains. Orvieto has much the same problem as a place to take day trips from, but I think there's more to see and do there and it's well-connected to Rome by train.

Take a look at what your flight options are from Palermo. For instance, you could fly to Naples and spend the time there or in Sorrento (Pompeii, Amalfi Coast).