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Has rs done away with Family Tours!!!!???

Please tell me I just looked in wrong place but I can't seem to see the Family Tours for next year! I really hope they haven't discontinued them , it was something Rs did that other companies don't!

We would take one next year bit won't consider regular tour as child is only 9 and having taken the Family tour before I know they are unique , plus the other tours " might" have a few kids on them, we want to be sure there are a LOT of kids on tour like on the Family tours.

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Hi there! We're just now making our 2015 tours live (and by just now I mean... at this very moment!), and we not only have family tours for next year, but we have some new family tour itineraries to boot!

Check out our tours section in just a few moments, and you should see all of our 2015 family tour available.

Happy travels!

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Awesome ! Love to see new itineraries!

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I posted a reply to your other question on this topic.

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Hi ken just saw it before coming back here. Lol

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I'm disappointed that I didn't get an e-mail this year announcing the 2015 tours. I always sign up right away and just accidently saw the few posts on the new tours. Another change in operating procedures...

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I can assure you that there haven't been any change in operating procedures here. You're getting the email tomorrow. :) There is always a day or two between releasing the tours to the public and when we announce it. This gives us some time to iron out any kinks in the system before we get a flood of traffic. We also do that to give me enough time to deploy all elements of our 2015 tour program. It took me most of yesterday to deploy all of the 2015 itineraries and there are a few other updates I'll be making today. Thanks kindly for your understanding.