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Hadrian's Villa and Tivoli

Has anyone explored Hadrian's Villa and/or Tivoli? It looks like a great site and not too far from Rome. Any advice on guides, transportation, etc would be greatly appreciated.

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We visited Hadrian's Villa and Tivoli last October. It had been on our wish list forma while. It exceeded oir expectations! We toured the Villa with a guide and then were free to explore the gardens and extensive number of fountains. Beautiful, highly recommended.. You can take a Metro to a bus or the train out there. The small town is also attractice.

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I suggest the Search box top center, desktop site, for past discussions of those 2 attractions.

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We did this as a day trip a couple of years ago. We followed Rick's outline using the bus. We left Rome for Tivoli, then another bus to Hadrians villa. We had a nice lunch in the restuarant opposite the entrance to the villa before we entered. The sight is huge, we walked a lot. Bus back to Rome. It was a fulfilling day and easy to handle. By the time we headed back it was rush hour..I have never, ever been in a more packed bus than that day. I spent the entire trip standing or squashed against the windshield. The bus driver spent the entire trip on her cellphone. All together a memorable excursion.