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Greece tour, spring or fall?

We are planning on a RS Greece tour in 2020, we can go either spring or fall, prefer October in the fall. I know weather is always variable, but would love input on best time to go. We do not want weather that is TO hot! Thanks in advance for any responses.

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When we went it was late June ( school schedule issues) and you are wise to not want to go then.

I would choose Spring as reportedly there are lots of wildflowers.

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Do you have an interest in swimming in the sea? In spring, the weather may be fine for the beach but the water will be COLD. In fall the water will be warmer.

Otherwise, I think both could be nice. I like warm (not super hot) weather so I'd avoid early spring and late fall. For example, highs in March are in the 50s - low 60s in Athens, while in April its high 60s and May you are looking at 70s. October is similar to May. So I'd go with May or October. May is closer to the summer solstice so you will have more daylight hours, if that matters.

Really, spring and fall are both good though.

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We took this tour in mid-late October and the weather was perfect-not hot, not cold and only one spectacular and very dramatic rain storm while we were in Monemvasia. I imagine the wildflowers in the springtime would be glorious although in October we did see many fall flowers blooming everywhere we visited. This was one of my most favorite tours. Have a grand time!

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I can't speak to October weather, but we spent the month of September in 2017. We were on the RS Greece tour the first two weeks and then Santorini/Naxos. The weather hovered around mid 80's in the beginning, but by the end we needed a light wrap at night. If we were to revisit, probably would choose mid September tour.

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Weather is uncertain. The best I can suggest is to go to and look at daily weather conditions for the past 5-10 years. I took the tour in April-May. In April, the weather was comfortable though cool enough to want a jacket on a few days. By May it was warm enough to be a little challenging on the more strenuous days in the Peloponnese. The water was quite chilly, but many went in (it looked so inviting) for anything from a short dip to a half hour of frolicking. Wildflowers were lovely and the scent of citrus trees in blossom was wonderful.

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We just took the Best of England tour, and our guide also guides in Greece. He said in his opinion March/April are the best months to tour. April will have lots of flowers, but late March is good as well. We chose late March for 2020.

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My vote is for spring too, for the wildflowers. We took this tour at the end of April last year and were rewarded with tons of flowers. We were hoping to be there when the redbud trees are in bloom (especially in Olympia), but due to an unusually hot April we missed them by a week. But that would surely be something to see if you can time it right. Either way, you will have a blast! This was our favorite tour out of 5 so far.

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We did this tour starting March 27th a couple of years ago, and it was ideal weather, and beautiful with wildflowers. Highly recommend going in the springtime.