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Greece Tour

Seriously considering the Greece tour for 2017 but have some reservation. Please, help to clear them up:
1.-I don't understand all the comments/jokes about toilet paper. What is going on-lack of toilet paper, poor quality, dirty bathrooms?
2.-Do you share bathrooms n this tour

3.-I don't understand why this tour does not go to Meteora. Would we be able to take a tour on our own from Athens? Recommendations for tour company-we do not want to drive.


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The plumbing in most Greek buildings cannot handle toilet paper, so bathrooms come equipped with a small trash can (normally lined with a disposable plastic bag) strategically positioned near the toilet.

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Gladys we found our time in Greece was amazing , and very clean . However yes, plumbing in many places requires you to not put toilet paper in toilet . This is common everywhere but the most fancy expensive western style hotels .

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It is the plumbing! And in many of the hotels we stayed with they also supply small little bags to put used TP paper. One guide told us that this means ALL used TP! You should have seen the shocked look from the men in the group! Haha!

The same is true in many countries with old plumbing. If you see a small waste basket in a stall and it has TP in it, then put yours in it too.

Oh, Since we are on bathroom/washroom/WC/toilet talk: many European toilets don't flush entirely and you will see a toilet brush next to the toilet for cleaning up after your experience if needed. This is a courtesy to the next visitor.
Also when asking almost anywhere in the world: "Where is your ???" I have found the word "toilet" works the best.

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We took this tour a few years ago. The first part of your question was thoroughly answered and I don't have anything to add except to say I have never seen bathrooms so clean. The little basket provided for the tp is regularly emptied. No shared bathrooms when we went. At that time, the tour did not go to Meteora and I don't think does now but you should take a look at the itinerary to see if a stop there is now included. Last year I was on a Greece-Albania-Macedonia tour that included a 2 day stop there and if you are able to fit it in, absolutely do so. Meteora is fascinating and quite an awesome sight!

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Meteora is a four-hour bus ride one-way to the NW of Athens. It's a long trip and way out of the way from the rest of the itinerary--which focuses on the Peloponnese and Athens. So it's not part of the RS tour, and a day-trip from Athens will include eight hours on a bus. I'd skip it.

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Did the Greece Tour in 2016.

Yes.....the toilet paper "protocol" is accurate. Just have to deal with it ....if you go. shared bathrooms on our tour.

We did go to Meteora. We booked it through VisitMeteora.Travel. They have a separate website with TONS of information. There are several options. We opted to take the train to Meteora and spent one night. Delphi is coupled with Meteora on a few itineraries....we opted out of that since it was part of the tour. The VisitMeteora people were MOST friendly and helpful...although I am sure they got tired of my email questions :-)

We arrived several days before the tour started to do this. Took the train from Athens to Kalambaka/Meteora. Took about 4 hours. We did the first class option. The train was comfortable and clean. The train stations were a little worn. We got a Greek language lesson from one of the cleaning ladies on the train. She also got to practice her English...which she was very proud of. Her English was better than our Greek.

We had several hotel options. Ours was very nice....I think all of the options are very good.. Great breakfast. We did the "sunset tour" the first evening. It was not part of our tour package so it cost extra. The next morning we did the full tour. The guide was great. We were driven to the various monasteries via a nice mini-bus.

We took the train back to Athens that afternoon....only to be welcomed with a public transportation strike on our return....ugh!

I would HIGHLY recommend this company. It worked great for us.

One negative....for rained the ENTIRE time. We were still able to visit the monasteries. Although my wish to get amazing landscape photographs did not quite happen. The scenery was still fantastic...or at least it looked great on the post cards. It was just bad luck. the time it kind of dampened our experience, but as we now reflect regrets even with the rain. Off the bucket list?.......but we kinda want to try it again on a sunny day.

ONE MORE TIP..........we packed a small day bag for the trip. Our main bags we left the at the hotel. The hotel stored them for us at no charge. We returned to the same hotel which was also the tour hotel. Worked great for us.

Hope this helps. And yes....too much for just one day.

I would HIGHLY recommend.