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Greece Attire

Traveling on 2015 September RS Greece tour, what is the recommended attire for both men and women? How casual do people dress outside places such as Athens? Are shorts appropriate for men and sleeveless blouses for women? It seems as the weather should be quite warm. Recommendations are really appreciated.

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I took the RS Greece tour last spring - going in spring to avoid the HOT weather there in the summer.
I took the same clothes that I take on most RS tours (12). I take three sets of everything that can be sink washed and dry overnight every few days. I wore shorts several days when it was warm. In all of my 12 years of vitising Europe I pack for the location and what I want to wear rather than what I think someone else will think of my asttire. Happy travels and hope you enjoy Greece as much as we did.

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Shorts and sleeveless blouses are fine. Just be aware that if you visit any churches or monasteries that you might be expected to wear a skirt and sleeves (short sleeves are fine) if there are any priests or parishioners at the church. I didn't go on the RS tour, but when I traveled in Greece I always kept a sarong and light sweater with me in case someone asked me to cover up. From glancing at the itinerary, though, I don't think you should have any problems.

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We did the Greece tour last year ( over-lapped Charlie, saw him in the breakfast room). My husband uses cool- max polo shirts and loose button- up shirts and convertible pants. He also takes I pair slacks. Women wore a combo of slacks, denim, capris or shorts most days and some wore dresses and skirts. It was my impression that churches were more informal in Greece than in Italy. The guide will let you know ahead of time if you are going to need to be covered for an activity.