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Great group on this tour

We're in the midst of our VFR tour and I've been too busy to post much, but I wanted to report on the dynamics of our group, since there's an ongoing thread about a family feeling unwelcome on another tour. We're a family of three and couldn't have a more different experience.

This group bonded immediately, from the first meeting in Venice. There's a pretty good range of ages, families and singles, but everyone has gotten along wonderfully from the get-go. I can't see anyone who's been excluded or made to feel unwelcome. I can see coming away from this with a lot of new friends. I absolutely could not be happier with these people.

On to Rome, together!

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stoutfella, I was happy to read this. Your experience has been exactly the same as mine on each one of our many RS tours.

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Have a great time. Can't wait for a trip report on the Rick Steves Forum after you get back home.

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I believe every tour is different.

I'm taking two tours back to back.

On My first tour, we bonded immediately and all started hanging out with each other during free times and meals.

On my current tour, everyone is friendly but when it comes to free time and meals, people are sticking with those they came with.

That's fine with me but the difference is amazing.

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You're right Frank. Each tour is different because each group is comprised of different people. I'm glad to hear that stoutfella's group is a good one. It's the roll of the dice. I hope yours is pleasant enough and you enjoy the tour itself no matter what. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't. Just keep traveling!!