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Good Use of My Tour Voucher

I posted a similar topic last year after receiving my "free" goodies in the mail. After that someone posted that they used their voucher during the Christmas Sale. So...that is what I did this year. I have a money belt and will get my guidebook for Kindle and access it on my Pixel phone during travel. I ended up getting $138 worth of merchandise and $14 shipping for thirty cents.
I will be taking Best of Italy in 17 days in 2018

Velocé Guide Bag for iPad (Color: Blue Spruce)
$39.99 1 $31.99

Europe 101: History & Art for the Traveler Book
$24.95 1 $17.46

Italian Phrase Book & Dictionary
$12.99 1 $9.09

Red MapsRed Maps (Region: Florence)
$9.95 1 $6.96
Red Maps (Region: Milan)
$9.95 1 $6.96
Red Maps (Region: Rome)
$9.95 1 $6.96
Red Maps (Region: Venice)
$9.95 1 $6.96
Red Maps (Region: Paris)(For a future trip)
$9.95 1 $6.96
Red Maps (Region: London) (For a future trip)
$9.95 1 $6.96

I like having the city maps during trip planning. I left my Streetwise maps at my hotels in Stockholm and Copenhagen for the next traveler to use.
How will you spend your voucher?

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I will purchase the Istanbul and Turkey guidebooks for my Best of Turkey in 13 Days tour next October. Plus, guidebooks for future trips. I pretty much have all the accessories and luggage I need.
Question for you: what are the red maps? I've seen them but would like to know their value. I have several Streetwise maps.

I see you are booked for the Best of Italy in 17 Days - you will love it! I did it in October 2016. I flew into Milan and spent 2 nights there and then took the train to Varenna. Can I assume you flying into Milan? Such great memories.

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We bought:
the Best of Europe Guidebook, because that's the tour we're taking $20.99
the Amsterdam and the Netherlands guidebook, because we're going early and returning to the Netherlands after the BOE $15.39
Europe Through the Back Door - it's a new edition $17.49
Three Red Maps: Amsterdam, Paris, and Venice @6.96
a Travel Alarm Clock - my previous one died, and I don't carry a phone $12.79
Travel Journal - I needed a new one $5.56

Total $93.10

I had it up to $98.10, but realized I'd probably never use those page binders, so I deleted them.

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I don't have any RedMaps yet. I don't think they are making Streetwise maps anymore. I am hoping they are similar. I will let you know in about a week!

Yes, will fly into Milan and stay one night before heading to Varenna. I plan to stay 2 extra nights in Rome at the end of the tour.

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Vandrabrud, we were disappointed in the Red Maps. We had hoped they'd be as good as Streetwise, but they're much less comprehensive.

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Thanks for posting about the sale.

I did almost as well, $140 worth of merch and $14 worth of shipping for $5.

Going on the Basque Country tour next summer -- excited!!

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Jane, thanks for the heads up. I guess they will still help with general understanding of the city layout.

Accidental, great! Glad you got a good value. I can't wait either.

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I did the same thing the last two times I took a tour. It is a great way to get the best bargain for your $100. I already have my tour books, so I got a new bag and all the odds and ends I did not have already. I got Red Map for Amsterdam and it looks very similar to other Streetwise maps i own. I like to have a map as a back up when I don't have access to the internet.


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After 14 RS tours over the last 16 years, we really have every thing we need.
Last year we used the voucher to purchase another RS roller bag which cost more than the voucher so we paid the difference. I wish you could use the voucher to pay towards the tours. This year we are taking 2 RS tours so we now have $200 worth of vouchers to use. I do not suppose that Craig’s List is an option.

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We're going on our first RS tour in May (Best of Europe) and we are used to checking large suitcases on airline trips, so in the spirit of taking only carry-on luggage, I used our voucher for the Rolling Carry-On. Fortunately I didn't spend the voucher right away so when I saw the sale ($159.99 - Sale Price: $127.99), I decided to go for it. I only had to pay $28 for my new suitcase.

I didn't get the tour kit because I haven't decided on whether to use a money belt or neck wallet. Prior to the sale, the RS BOE book was cheaper on Amazon, so I purchased it there. We already have a box of earplugs.

I've since gone back and bought $67 worth of miscellaneous items from the RS store (hanging toiletries kit, travel towel and washcloths, travel journal, guidebook page binder, etc.). Hoping to do more RS tours, so I'm not sure what else I'd buy in the future. It seems like after your first or second tour, they should definitely give you the option of applying it towards the tour payment.

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This is so fun. I learned several years ago to buy my stuff in November sale. We booked two tours back to back so we had $200 voucher. Getting hard to buy stuff we don’t already have. Got convertible backpack - blue spruce; small and large gadget ouches, silk neck wallet, two thumb beam Illuminator, compass, travel aid kit, lambskin travel wallet, ireland and Scotland books, red maps for dublin.
All for $199.85 free ship.

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We spent ours on books this time, Kim. I'll bring them to our Travel Group meeting Saturday.

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Since I've taken several tours and have booked two for next year I used one of the vouchers to buy a veloce shoulder bag on sale for $55.99 and a Euro flight bag on sale for $31.99 earlier this fall. Then I had them sent as a gift to my sister. The bag was for her husband for a carryon bag for a trip that we took in October to England. The flight bag went to her son for the expected new baby. I added a GB electrical adapter for $1. With shipping it came to $99.90!!!! They loved the bags and the electrical adapter was necessary for our trip.