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Gondola Ride on BOE14 Tours

Hello looking at the BOE14 tour (If I can get a some what reasonable flight. It has been so crazy. Just when I think I can get a reasonable price poof the flight is gone)

Anyways been wondering I see it states optional Gondola Ride? I assume that means we have to pay extra for it? When we went on the VFR tour it was included but that was 9 years ago.
What did tour members have to pay per person?

Thank you for your help.

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The boat is a set price. The more people you pile in cuts the per-person price.

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On our 17 Day Best of Italy tour we paid 15 Euros each and it included music and a singer. (I previously said 30 Euros, but that was per couple.). I think we got a discount because the guide arranged for 5 gondolas. I would highly recommend that you do it.

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We did the Best of Europe in 2009 and the Gondola ride was on us, not the tour. However, everyone on the tour went and we shared gondolas, don't know if the price ws discounted, but the experience was well worth the price. Hank, Novato, Ca

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Not everyone wants to do this, so its optional. Our guide took a show of hands and arranged for 3-4 gondolas, plus one for a singer and musician, and made it a first class experience. I think we paid 40 euro each, and it was worth it.

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The gondolas hold 6 people. We were fortunate and had the two excellent musicians in our gondola, and they were very entertaining - a singer & an accordion player. At one point, they were singing "Funiculi, Funicula" and I started to join in on the chorus. Immediately, they handed me their song book & wanted to know which other songs I knew! Great memories!

I hope you're able to go! You might also want to check with the RS Edmonds office if you have questions about costs.

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After reading these post about the gondola ride being optional on a RS tour and with its costs, I am certainly glad that we had that ride included in our RS 21 Day B of E trip many years ago. It was definitely a high point of our tour and we even lucked out by getting the musician and singer in our gondola. Would I take it again and pay for it? Certainly.

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Thank you for the responses. As I mentioned on our first RS tour 9 years ago to VFR the Gondola ride with music was included. I am glad I know it no longer is so we can plan for it. That is If we ever do get the flights settled. Not having much luck right now on that part.

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The gondola ride in Venice was not included as part of the Best of Italy tour I took last year. However, everyone in the group wanted to do it so the tour guide made the arrangements and we paid her. Unfortunately, I don't remember what the exact cost was but seemed very reasonable at the time. So I can say I rode in a gondola, but would be happy to never ride one again.