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Going Solo to Greece - Need Advice

My husband and I put a deposit down on the Athens and the Heart of Greece for 14 days this summer. Unfortunately, my marriage is shaky right now and there is a possibility that I will either have to cancel the trip altogether or go alone. I've never traveled alone before and I'm wondering if this might not be the safest thing to do as a single woman. I really need advice how I should proceed. Thoughts please?

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I'm sorry your life is shaky at the moment, but rest assured that traveling solo with a Rick Steves tour will be fine. I travel as a single and have done a number of them.

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Could you pay a single supplement and still do the tour? Best of both worlds: you get time away and you get the support of a tour (and the people who do these tours seem really nice—no need to share your business, but I suspect you’d have great camaraderie). Good luck!

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I am sorry to hear about your marriage. You absolutely can do this in your own. I love traveling on my own. You can do exactly what you want and it’s much easier to meet people. My advice to you is to always look like you know what you’re doing, even when you’re totally lost. Find a cafe or a hotel lobby, sit down, take a deep breath and then figure out where the heck you are. I bet you’ll be able to join up with others on your tour, so you won’t necessarily have a lot of alone time. Please don’t be afraid. This is very doable.

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I think you’ll regret not going if you stay home. I’ve traveled solo in Europe since my early 20s; I’m 53, have a back disability, & still travel solo. I love it. It is invigorating, fun, & liberating. Let this be something you do for yourself especially this year.

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I have not traveled solo on a RS Tour, but I have been on many tours with solo tour members. We took the RS Greece Tour and there were several who were solo. They had the time of their lives! It was one of our favorite tours. We want to return to explore more of Greece. I would not hesitate taking this tour. Wishing you all the best moving forward.

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There is no safety concern. You'll be traveling with a group on a tour that mostly visits small towns so there'll always be plenty of people you know with you or around you. In Athens (which I feel is a safe city at least in the areas tourist normally go) if you have concerns then don't go off around the city on your own, although many people find buddies on the tour (other singles or couples) that make plans to go together. In Athens even if you don't go off alone on your free time you'll still visit the Parthenon, Museum, and a few other places with the tour so it isn't like you'd sit in your hotel room the whole time in Athens.

The only thing I'd specifically suggest is to arrange for a car to meet you at the airport and drive you to the hotel. There'll be someone with a sign just past the arrival barrier.

This is a great tour with a mix of historical sites, beach towns, and memorable food. I did it a few years ago (solo, BTW) and to be honest it's the only RS tour I think I would want to do again!

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Sorry to hear of your marital troubles. As a single woman I have been on 3 RS tours and think you will find it a good way of dipping your toes into solo travel. On one trip I did share a room and lucked out with a compatible roomie, other times I chose to pay the single supplement. As a life long single I do like my down time alone.

Two suggestions. Try and arrive in Greece a day or two before the tour begins to get over jet lag.and the other is to get a car from the airport to your hotel. I use Welcome Pickups, book them online from the States and they will meet you outside customs. All the drivers speak good English .

I have been to Greece a number of times and have always felt comfortable there. I like Athens and find that shopping and eating out is easy as English is widely spoken.

Good luck and best wishes for the future…Greece is a lovely country and this tour sounds like a great intro.

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Traveling alone after you have been used to traveling as a couple is different, but it doesn’t mean that it is dangerous. Only you know your situation and what is the best choice for you.

If you do go, I think you will find that going with a group is a fun and supportive way to travel.

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Echoing what the other posters have said, I am a late 50s woman who traveled to Greece solo in 2017. I spent 5 days on Athens and 5 days on Santorini. I was a little hesitant prior to traveling, but once I got there, I was at ease. I have a science/math background, so about 5 days in, I started to be able to sound out words because I knew some of the letters! That was fantastic!

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I advise you to go! I am going by myself for the second time in a year and highly recommend it! Plus you're not really alone on an RS tour. But you will be safe. I feel like Europe is way safer than the US as a single woman. I spent 4 days in Paris by myself and a week in Sevilla by myself last summer w/ a Best of Spain tour in the middle. I now actually prefer to travel by myself. ;)