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Where do you fly to and how do you get to Ghent? I'm going on the Holland tour.

Allison Reeves

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Fly in to Brussels airport and take the train to Ghent. Very easy.

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This is a wonderful tour! If you have the time and budget I recommend arriving at least one day before the tour begins. I went 2 days before this tour started and I did not get everything seen that I wanted.

I also recommend more days in Amsterdam at the end if you can do it.

What time of year?

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We are doing this tour next September, so I am following this with interest!

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Not taken the tour, but it looks to start in Ghent and end in Amsterdam. So you could easily do one of three things...Fly round trip to Brussels, Round trip to Amsterdam, fly "open jaw", into Brussels, out of Amsterdam.

As mentioned, Ghent is an easy train ride from Brussels, google maps can lay it out pretty well, just start at Brussels Airport and put in your hotel address in Ghent. Just make sure to at least put in the correct day of the week and the approximate time to get the best idea.

It is also easy to get to Ghent from Amsterdam if you go that round trip route, about 2-3 hours by train.

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It is very easy as described above, and you'll get good instructions with your tour pack.

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May I suggest if you have time in the Ghent area try to spend a day/night or more in Brugges and visit the evening ceremony at the Mennen gate memorial to the WWI British soldiers who fought in Flanders fields. Both are well worth your time if you can manage a few extra days. All are close by and connected by train.

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@ddolsons - The tour the OP refers to (Best of Belgium and Holland) spends 3 nights in Bruges. One day is spent touring the WWI sights including an area where there are still some trenches. It does not include the ceremony at the Menin Gate, however.

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We really enjoyed this trip in 2017.

If we were to do it again, I would like to:
- use Amsterdam for roundtrip flights
- take the Eurostar to Brussels (since it's not included)
(note: it may be quicker to just take a train from Schipol to Brussels)
- stay in Brussels for a few days pre-tour, then train to Ghent to join tour
- stay in Amsterdam for a few days post-tour (or Haarlem)

I recommend getting out of Bruges to see the country-side on the day off. We rode bikes along the canal to Sluis, ND.

Great fun, great group and great guide (Hilbren Buys).


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We did this tour april 2016 before the bombing at the airport plus it was suppose to start in brussels. We had flights into brussels and out of Amsterdam. But the brussels flight was cancelled so United changed to and out of Amsterdam. We caught the thylas Sp? Train to brussels pre 3 days. We already had a prepaid hotel in brussels. When we arrived by train, we went ahead and purchased train tickets to Ghent. Either routes would be good.