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GAS tour - When to go?

I am planning to sign up for the GAS tour ( Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Now I understand weather is very unpredictable, but based on everyones travels, when is a good time of year to go on this tour. I was thinking the end of June and the tour goes into the very beginning of July. Or is that too soon? I don't want to go when it is too rainy or too cool. I really appreciate your comments and experience with the weather for these countries. Thank you all. It really is great to have this forum where we receive so many ideas and assistance.

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I would never presume to predict the weather anywhere but particularly in a mountainous region as it can be unpredictable any time of year. That being said, I can only give you my experience. I've been in that area twice, once in mid-Sept and once in mid-July. In Sept it was a 2-week GAS tour and we had wonderful weather, warm and dry except for one day of rain in Switzerland. When I was there in July 2014 it was for 10 days and it was quite hot at low elevations and cool to warm at the higher elevations and had no rain at all. I would think that in late June into July you would have a good chance of pleasant weather, maybe even hot when not in the mountains.

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I have had good luck in the area that tour is going to in the month of September.

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We were there one year in August; otherwise, September. Each time has been gorgeous weather although the first two days in Switzerland were cold two years ago. As long as the mountains are clear, we feel very fortunate!

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Have you looked at the "Weather" listed on your tour? It shows the average weather for places in all three countries. However, as someone already posted, it is virtually impossible to predict the weather in the mountains. We took that tour some years ago and really enjoyed it especially the scenery in Switzerland.

Happy travels.

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As Charlie said, I'd check this site for "general" weather conditions for those areas for that time of year. And as others said, there just isn't any way to predict exactly what the weather will be 5-6 months from now. We took the tour a few years ago from late(r) June into the first week of July. Rain/snow in Murren, pouring rain Munich and Salzburg and rain/sun mix the entire rest of the trip. That said, we had a fabulous time in spite of the weather.; it's a great tour! If I were to do it again, I think I'd try to schedule it for late August or early to mid September.

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My husband and I took the GAS tour last year. Our tour started on September 1. Europe had a very warm Summer last year, and none of the hotels on the tour have air conditioning. The days are pretty warm and humid. It was a little uncomfortable when we first went to sleep, but it cooled down during the night. The weather moderated and was pleasant, even a little cool at the end of our tour (second week of September). In all the countries you visit, the beds contain only a duvet as a cover. There are no sheets. Some of our tour members would take the comforter out of the duvet "sack" and use only the sheet part. I would usually shake the blanket down to the bottom so I could use it during the night. The weather in Switzerland will be cool. Take several layers. Make sure that you bring a rain jacket that is water resistant not just water repellent. This tour is awesome! We loved every minute of it. If you have any additional questions I would be happy to answer them. You can private message me. Whenever you go, you will have a great trip.

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September. Note that if you time it right, the tour will take you to Munich during Oktoberfest and you'll get to see that. It really is a treat, not something to be avoided.

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My wife and I did the My Way version of this tour in 2014 (no longer available). We timed it so we were in Munich for Oktoberfest. The weather was fantastic. In fact the bus driver and Rick Steves escort dubbed us the "Sunshine tour." We had two days in the Swiss alps that were sunny, clear and 80 degrees. Fabulous! With that said, weather varies from year to year. We have enjoyed some great trips to Europe in September and early October.