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GAS Tour travel route and Google Android "location history"

We're getting ready to take the GAS tour. We have received the complete itinerary and have begun constructing our personal "to do" list. One of the things that we plan to do upon our return is to include the results of my Android cell phone's "location history" in our picture scrapbook. In case you may not be fully aware, with location reporting, Google can track your whereabouts, which you may personally find useful, interesting or invasive.

If you're interested in learning what Google knows about where you've been, head on over to: The results you see are obviously dependent upon whether you had the phone on and a data connection was active.

If you've taken the GAS tour and brought along your Android cell phone with an active data connection, you too can take a look at where you've been. Perhaps, and if you don't mind, you can share the link of the route the GAS tour actually takes.

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I saw a Rick Steves Tour Scrapbook entry from 2013 (?) that used this tracking info. They could map how many miles they'd walked, exactly where they'd been (great for ID'ing those 'mystery photos'), and the Scrapbook viewer could see where they'd been each day. It was really interesting!

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I think this is the website you're referring to:

I went on a tour with Brad and Laura last summer. They have data for four trips; you just have to search around a little bit on their website. I find the graph of free versus group time really informative and I like to refer to people considering taking a tour to it to help them understand how much free time is really available on RS tours. :)