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GAS Tour Itinerary Change

Did anyone notice a change to the Vienna portion?

The itinerary, as of a couple weeks ago, stated that when you arrived in Vienna, there was a walking tour the evening you first arrive, plus a walking tour and a visit to St. Stephen's and the Kunthistorche (sp?) Museum the next day.

Now, the evening walking tour includes St. Stephen's the day we arrive, but the Vienna Opera (when available) and the Imperial Apartments instead of the Kunthistorche museum the next day.

I'm not complaining, as given the limited time I'd personally rather see the Apartments, but I thought I'd point it out for other GAS tour members.

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Your right, they did change it. I am going on the GAS tour the end of August. When are you going? Is this your first tour? There must have been a very good reason for RS to change the itinerary. If you call the office they may be able to explain why they changed it. I am staying in Vienna from Friday and leave Tuesday morning, so I will make sure I see the museum as it is supposed to be wonderful. I too am looking forward to seeing the Imperial Apartments. I think that no matter what you see, it will be amazing. I am very much looking forward to seeing Vienna! I went on the BOE 14 day tour and the Swiss Alps were amazing and Munich is a lot of fun. The beer halls are great!

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We're going in July. It'll be my third RS tour. The more I learn about Vienna the more I love it. But Murren and the alps is what I'm most excited about!

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Yes, I am looking forward to that too, as we stay 3 nights and hopefully the weather will cooperate! I am looking forward to going high up! I found that part of the trip the most relaxing, no big restaurants or museums when I went on the BOE tour. Just nature and walks and mountains. Very nice after all the overload on your mind. Please let me know about your trip afterwards! Love to hear all about it.

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I just returned from what I understand was the first GAS tour with the change. On day 13, we had a very informative tour with a local guide of the treasury, apartments, and crypts. The Opera was not part of the tour, but there was plenty of time in Vienna to either see the Opera or take part in the tour. The tour went from 9am to just before 1pm and included time to stop and sit at a either Cafe Mozart (or starbucks) for a coffee and slice of cake. It was a far different experience than the other "walks" with local city guides where you scratch the surface of everything, but see very little in detail. I was happy with the pace that we moved at and the level of information we received. As the guide was using the wireless Vox headset to provide information, it was possible to move around a bit and take pictures while still paying attention to the guide.

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Thanks for the heads up. I too, look forward to the apartments.

I will be heading there in mid-August.

Enjoy your trip.


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I didn't visit Vienna with the R.S. organization but we went on our own last year before joining a R.S. French tour. I loved the Art History museum, which is in a section of town within walking distance of the opera, etc. There are also other museums in this area. I guess it depends on whether or not you're an art person or a "rooms" person (g). But I would have hated to miss the museum(s) in that area. It helped that our hotel was a hop, stick and jump away from the opera. I really loved staying in that part of town. And yes, we attended the opera and the Vienna Philharmonic (which has the most beautiful hall I've ever seen - also right in the same part of town). I loved this part of our trip

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We are taking the 8 day Best of Munich, Salzburg, and Vienna tour and you guys are making me wish I had scheduled a few extra days in Vienna after our tour is over! As it stands now we are heading to Regensburg for one night, Strasbourg for two nights, then Cologne for one......