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GAS - Admont Abbey


I know that the sight information listed for Best of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland does not list a stop at Admont Abbey. As anyone taken this tour and did they make a stop here? I would really like to see it.

Thank You


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I took the tour pre-Covid and we did not stop there. Looking at a map, on the day you are headed sort of in that direction you go from Hallstatt to Mauthausen Concentration Camp. If I remember correctly we had a timed entry for this venue and were able to spend several hours here. I don't think there would be time to stop at the Abbey you are interested in.

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I also took this tour pre-covid, 2019, and I've never heard of it.

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Can’t speak to the tour but I was there a couple of weeks ago and the library is absolutely lovely, if you like libraries. (Not to mention the free wine sampling in the gift shop - prepare to buy something. 🤣) The abbey is nice but not somewhere to make a special trip for.

However, it is not particularly easy to get to without a car. It would be doable on the Hallstatt to Vienna day without much driving detour - but it would make for a really long day with the Mauthausen stop and probably not doable due to driver restrictions. Maybe if you had a private driver on a free afternoon in Hallstatt?