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Funny post-Sweden tour moment

On the Scandinavia tour in 2015 we had a very nice traditional Swedish lunch at a place called Kvarnen in Sodermalm when we were in Stockholm. I think when we went we had a choice between reindeer steaks and meatballs (I got the meatballs).

Anyway I was in Sweden for business last week and had a day after landing to kick around, so my friend and I walked through the old town to Sodermalm to check out a few ships and stuff and I was like "Oh I know a good place to eat!" so we went to Kvarnen and got meatballs. It was great, really fun.

The next day we're doing business meetings at an office in Sodermalm and we go to lunch. We walk across the square and I"m like "Hmm..." and sure enough they took us to Kvarnen! I asked if they went there often and they were like "About once a week, usually."

So, if you're ever doubting that Rick Steves takes you to legit places frequented by real people and not just tourists, fear not. At least not in Sodermalm!

(For the record, I got meatballs again -- I like meatballs!)

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I love stories like this! Thanks for sharing. Now I want to go try the meatballs.

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The Scandinavian tour is next up on my list, now I have a great place to eat!

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We ate at Kvarnen's as a group on the first night of the tour. I even ate the pickled herring! I highly recommend this tour.

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I took this tour in May 2016 and I really enjoyed all of the tour meals, especially the large buffet breakfasts at the hotels.

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If you are into Meatballs there is a great lively restaurant in Stockholm call "Meatballs for the People". They have meatballs and only meatballs! They serve a number of different kinds including reindeer meatballs, and have had bear, boar, moose and other animal meatballs on the menu. It is a fun place, actually just a few blocks from the Kvarnen Restuarant. We've not eaten at Kvarnen so really can't compare the two, but I can recommend MFTP as a truly unique restaurant experience with excellent food at a reasonable price.