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Free Time on Best of London in 7 Days Tour?

Hello Travelers! I was just curious...for those of you who have taken the Best of London in 7 Days Tour, how much free time are you given per day? Also, if you wish to partake in something other than what the itinerary has planned or do not want to go the pre-arranged site, are the guides cool with you separating from the group for a while to explore or go somewhere else? Thanks!

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Did this week last summer. The amount of free time depends on which day - some were busier than others. We planned our own touring based on where the group would be at the point we were set free for the rest of the day. No problem with going off on your own; just let the tour leader and your tour buddy know you'll be away.

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My sister and I are taking this tour in May and have already decided to 'skip out' on one day of the planned activities to take a walking food tour in the East End. Extravagant, yes, but looks like such fun! This will be my 5th RS tour and I've come to appreciate the mix of busy/down time that guides factor in to the tours. Besides, since the guide generally gives an overview of the local transportation system (with practical application, no less) on the first day, it's easy to drop-off and catch-up if needed. Just let the guide know of your intention, and don't forget to let your coach buddy know too. Nothing worse than looking for your buddy and not seeing them on the bus/tube/train/ferry/boat/etc.!