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France riots

With the riots in France currently is it a concern to others traveling to France? We leave next Sunday for an 11 day tour so we will be there Bastille day which seems like a likely time for a disturbance.

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Are you going on a Rick Steves tour? If so...this would be the best time to go to Paris as your guide will help you figure out how to work around any issues.

There is a longer thread going on the France forum which you might not have seen. The posters who live in France are keeping that updated.

As a side note from someone who speaks no French but loves Paris, I would not have a problem traveling to Paris at this time. I am not out late at night. I would be eating dinner at one of the many, many restaurants near my hotel and be back "home" by 9 or so. But that's just me!

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there are several other discussion threads on this topic in the forum so try a search for more comments to show up

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I got a message with photos from a friend who is currently in Paris. Nothing showed but a wonderful street full of people doing what Parisians and tourists normally do on a nice day in Paris. IOW, the disturbances appear to be far away from the tourist areas of Paris. I make no judgement myself as I have no first hand information on what happened to trigger these problems.

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I'll be in Paris for Bastille Day with family.

We plan to take our 9year-old granddaughter to a street dance on the evening of the 13th and have plans all day on the 14th. I don't expect any trouble, but if we see anything we don't like, we'll walk the other way.