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? For Alumni of Both Adriatic & Eastern Europe Tours

Hi. I have a question for alumni of both the RS Adriatic and the RS Eastern Europe tours. I’ve taken the Eastern Europe tour and loved it. I’m thinking of taking the Adriatic tour but I wonder if there will be too much overlap with the EE tour. I really like history and going on a tour which has a lot of contrasts and variety. For instance I went on the RS Sicily tour in 2013 and loved it. I like museums and churches but I do get museumed-out sometimes and want to avoid overdoing churches. Also in case I do choose the Adriatic tour, what time of year has enough non-rainy days but doesn’t have a lot of humidity with high heat?

Thanks in advance.

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We did the Eastern European Tour in 2013 and the Adriatic in 2015. The Adriatic tour was from September 13th to the 24th. I only remember one afternoon of rain, mostly when we were on the bus but it did rain heavy when we stopped to visit an Orthodox church on the afternoon leaving Bosnia. The only overlaps in those trips were Bled and Plitvice. The Bled section of the Adriatic tour only gives you the castle tour and then time for lunch and a few hours on your own so you could probably see something different than you saw when there before. We did not tour the Castle on our Eastern European Tour. When we toured Plitvice it was just as it was on the Eastern European Tour. We arrived late that afternoon, had a group supper, and were in line for the first bus to the lake. And Plitvice could certainly be just as enjoyable over multiple visits. Depending on how recently you did the Eastern European Tour you may, or may not, have had a day stop in Ljubljana. Even if you did stop for the day that will be no comparison to the time you get to spend there on the Adriatic Tour. It is definitely a city you will want to arrive a day or two early in. We found that both tours complimented each other perfectly and would suggest to anyone that they take both of these tours.

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Hey there, Valerie! I, too, have taken both tours. I didn't feel as if there was much overlap and could practically parrot Don's reply. We took the Adriatic tour in 2015 (I think?), early May. It just happened to be the most rainy season ever in Plitvice! That did turn out to be a blessing in disguise as the waterfalls were literally overflowing and incredibly beautiful. We all bought cheap ponchos, stayed relatively dry and enjoyed the special and spectacular beauty of the Park. While on the EE tour last August, because it was dry and very warm, we saw (but still enjoyed) a very different Park. I was so happy we had spent more time in Ljubljana with the Adriatic tour. We had fallen in love with the city and therefore added on several days at the end of EE last summer. Our guide arranged a taxi for some of us from Lake Bled. I truly felt there was very little overlap with the two tours. As far as choosing a non-rainy time of year, I suppose I'd just recommend checking weather report averages for previous years. As I said, that May was unusually rainy but I'm emphasizing the word unusual! Since you say you really like history, I think you will love the Adriatic tour! It was quite an amazing and incredible education for me, particularly the visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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Hi Valerie. So glad you posted this question as my husband and I have also taken the Eastern Europe tour and want to go on the Adratic tour as well. Great responses. Thank you!