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Thanks for posting. I enjoy looking at them. It helps to pass the time as I await my next trip.

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Thanks, will look it up , love the scrap books.

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Thanks for the heads-up. And it is a good one. Best of Paris last summer was our first RS tour and this scrapbook had me smiling along with some nice memories.

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I love looking at them too.....I am impressed with the speed at which it was posted....I posted mine in the 11th hour last year, lol.

Off to peruse!

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Hi everyone,

We hope we will be getting a lot more scrapbooks from our Tour Alums from this past year. We really look forward to seeing all these amazing presentations that we know a lot of time and effort has been put into by our tour members. From them we hope others too can enjoy all the wonderful moments that can be experienced on each tour. We know everyone who goes on our tours will have their own unique experience but these scrapbooks, through their words and images, can at least give you a good idea what a tour you might be thinking of taking can be like. We look forward to all the presentations that will be submitted. And there will be one lucky winner who will get a free tour. Can't wait to see who wins. cheers.

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FYI More new scrapbooks! I enjoy reading them all. This time of year it's easy because there are only a few. When the deadline nears, they come in fast and furious. I can't keep up. Keep them coming!