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First full day of Best of England tour - Stonehenge?

The itinerary for the first day in Bath indicates that part of the afternoon is free of organized activities. Scarper Tours goes from Bath to Stonehenge around 2:00. We would like to take that tour, but only if the organized activities in Bath are done. Would we be free in time to take the Stonehenge trip?

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I would contact Ricks office and get their advice.

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Elizabeth, you’re not THAT Elizabeth, are you? Probably not, or you could go to Stonehenge whatever day your royal self desired!
I did exactly what you suggest, back in 2015. Of course, things change. At that time, as I remember, the Stonehenge tour left from very near where the RS day ended. I just had time to grab a quick lunch. (I hope you have better weather for Stonehenge than I did!)

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I had a similar question about this same tour. I emailed the tour dept and heard back from them in about a week.

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I was on the Best of England tour in 2017. We had much an afternoon free in Bath, and the tour guide mentioned among several options the bus tour to Stonehenge. I immediately decided to go there, hustled to the bus kiosk with several others from our tour, and off we went. I had a great afternoon. It seemed like this gave just the right amount of time at Stonehenge to leisurely look around, read the descriptions, soak in the feel for the site, etc. while not feeling rushed. I recommend it. Traffic was very slow in some areas, but I didn't care, because someone else was driving! Maybe check with the RS guide the day before to make sure that the timing still lines up well as it did for me in 2017.