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Final Tour Email

I'm curious to find out if other travelers on May tours have received their final tour email. My tour departs May 20 and I have yet to receive the email. I was able to get the hotel and group info off the tour account, but I was under the impression that this email would have the updated, last minute Covid protocols for my tour. Mostly I'm wondering what kind of masks to bring and whether or not we need a covid test to start the tour.

I'm trying not to panic, but I'm getting a little nervous because I leave in less than 2 weeks on my trip and I haven't gotten this information yet. I've called the RS office multiple times and sent several emails with no response, so I thought I would see if other May tour participants have gotten their email or not. Or is there a link to an official update that gives me the answer to those questions? I feel like there were rumors that May tours would not have the testing requirement, but I can't find that officially written anywhere. And I will happily bring N95 or surgical or whatever kind of mask is required, but I don't want to buy and pack a lifetime supply of both since I rarely wear them at home anymore.

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I am on 2 RS tours in May. I received the "Get Set for your [name of tour] Tour" email exactly 1 month before each.

Both emails contain these notes:

"Good news! We no longer require a negative COVID-19 test to participate in this tour."

"Remember to bring your COVID-19 vaccination card and both KN95 and disposable surgical masks."

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I leave this Saturday for the Poland tour. We have not received the group info email although we did get the one about the no testing requirement and N95 masks.

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If you go to My Account on the Rick Steves site you should see the letter that was sent. It has all the documents including a list of the tour members and how to get to your hotel from the airport, etc. You should see "My account" after you sign in on the site.

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Thank you for the replies and thank you Carol for that link. All I was finding on my tour account about testing was the generic statement that's been there all along which says, "Be able to present a negative COVID-19 viral test (PCR or antigen) taken within 48 hours of the first day of your tour depending on your tour start date. We will notify you by email about specific testing requirements one month prior to the start of your tour." Since I never got an email I was getting worried.

It sounds like the emailing has been a little uneven. Seems that some people are getting them and others are not. It does reassure me that others are missing things too and my mother and I aren't the only ones being left out of the loop. I just want to make sure we follow all the appropriate rules and are prepared. We've planned this trip for so long that I'd hate to get there and have something as silly as a missing covid test or having the wrong masks put a damper on the start of our tour.

Thank you again!

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I emailed and was told no testing and masks are required. They did not specify a particular type but I read on the website/travel account section (and cannot find now) that only three are acceptable - basically versions of the n95. Also confirmed that you must be vaxxed and boosted. I asked about the second booster and was told it was not required. I hear you on the masks, I do not look forward to being in one for six to eight hours a day which is what it sounds like it will be. The good news is they are probably cheaper now - I both some in December in anticipation of traveling then and they were ridiculously expensive, huge mark-up from when I purchased in June 2021 for a trip.

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We are both vaxxed and boosted so good to go there. I'm used to wearing an N95 for 12 hours at a time as a nurse (been doing that for a year and a half now every time I work) but I rarely wear one when I'm not at work since I'm triple vaxxed and already had covid earlier this year. So while I can't say I'm looking forward to wearing a mask on vacation, I'm choosing to look at it like this, I can either wear a mask all day and be at work, or wear a mask all day and be in France. Hopefully option B turns out to be more fun. :)

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We received one exactly one month before and another 10 days before reminding us to adhere to all the covid protocols including following directives to see medical personnel at the request of the tour guide.

From the 10 day before email: "I want to be straight with you about one thing in particular: We'll be running our tours with the highest health and safety standards, bearing in mind that in 2022 with the ongoing pandemic, travel may be less-than-fully open and not as predictable as in past years. We'll all need to be flexible in the interest of safety. And understand there may be occasions when we won't be able to include a promised activity due to sights limiting capacity, shortening hours, or closing without notice. We'll expect you to respect the health and wellbeing of your fellow tour members, guides, and our European partners by following the health and safety directives set by your guide, Rick Steves' Europe, and local officials (such as wearing face masks, proper social distancing, being seen by a health professional if requested, and so on, depending upon the conditions at the time). Thanks in advance for your flexibility as your guide maneuvers you deftly and artfully through Europe while COVID protocols continue to be adjusted."

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Same here - my tour is less than 1 month out, and I never received an email. Neither did my sister and her husband that are on the same tour. I feel the same as Allie - I'd rather be masked in Italy than be at home :)