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Final Group Dinner - BOE 21

I have a quick question about the final group dinner. I know that there is not a specific answer to this but wanting to get some feedback from those that have done the tours. I am doing the BOE 21 day tour with the last night on Paris. I was wondering what your experience of was of when that dinner started and how long it lasted. I need to meet someone to get the key and get into the apartment I will be staying in for may extra days in Paris. I want to attend the dinner, but I need to coordinate that transfer from the hotel to the apartment.

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The final dinner for the 21 Day BOE was wonderful. It did last quite a while and I'm not sure if it was just my guide, Dimitri, or if others do it but it was the only time we gathered after dinner out on a balcony (where we could see the Eiffel Tower twinkle) and all went around and said our best moment. It was the only time I've had closure with a group and after 3 weeks you really have established a bond with others. I'd hate to have felt rushed for that. YMMV.

Any way you could get the key before dinner or first thing the next morning?

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Pam, we had the same experience with Dimitri, and it was a wonderful way to wrap up the tour. We did it in the park at Champ de Mars, and he timed it perfectly. And I believe corks popped as the tower lit up.

On our Best of Paris tour, we gathered on the balcony of the restaurant where we had our final dinner, and shared some special time together, as well.

Pinksioux, this doesn't help much, and your guide may not have anything special planned, but if I were you I'd try to make other arangements for picking up the key. The final dinner is usually very leisurely celebrated, often with surprises (like performers) arranged by your guide.

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Don’t rush it! I remember our Spain tour, the last night we walked a bit of a distance to a fabulousl dinner and after it was over, we walked back to a square ( in Sevilla) and our guide opened some bottles of bubbly and we all toasted the tour and each other while standing in the square. Was a great finish. We then carried on with new friends for some more fun.

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Pink - On our 21 BOE I recall having some free time before meeting to walk to dinner together. Right after our dinner we did the Seine boat ride together and didn't get back to the hotel until around 11:00. You're going to need to check with your guide about plans for the last day.

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Our 21 Day BOE final dinner (Guides: Reid Coen with Rick Steves as a tour member!) did last quite long - we had a great dinner then the group went over the Eiffel Tower for a final farewell. We did have free time prior to dinner - so you might be able to schedule your meetup prior to dinner. If you contact the office, they can probably give you a good idea for the dinner.

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I have taken over a dozen tours. The final night dinner is always the best and very special. Not to be missed if you can help it. On some occasions there have been after dinner events. On the eastern France tour it was cremant on the promenade in Nice. On the Paris and heart of France about half the tour had drinks in the hotel bar. On the Rome tour it was an after walk through Rome, another gelato and a stop by the Trevi fountain to toss in our coins.

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It’s been a bit over 5 years, but I remember a great evening including a trip down the Seine. Don’t miss it.

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Make that final dinner if you can. Both our Greece and GAS tours had wonderful last dinners and it would have been a shame to miss them. After the Greece one we all sat around in the lobby of our hotel chatting and exchanging contact information until quite late. As others have said get the key before the dinner if you can.

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I think the final dinners on all RS tours is special, and agree with all of the above, as I wouldn't want to rush out or miss it.
Safe travels !

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You may have enough free time in the afternoon before dinner for that meeting. Your current itinerary (always subject to change) reflects some time on your own for activities. Confirm with guide at the start of the tour what that time period might be.

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Can’t the key be dropped off with the hotel concierge for you? No need to ruin a special night. We have done this several times.