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February trip to London

Does anyone know how soon RS would cancel the Best of London tour in February if it looks like attractions will be closed and/or more travel restrictions are imposed? As you all probably know, for a February tour, we can cancel within the next couple of days and get a refund, but after January 1, we can’t cancel and are in “wait and see” mode. I just wonder how much of a heads up we’d get if RS cancels the tour? And does anyone think it’s worth waiting and seeing? We’d really love to go, but I’m starting to get pessimistic.

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This is one of those questions best asked directly to Rick Steves Tours via phone. No one here is going to be able to give you an answer that is more accurate than Rick Steves Tours.

If Rick Steves cancels the tour, you will get a full refund regardless of the date it is cancelled. If you cancel, that is when the cancellation policies may come into play after 12/31.

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It’s not looking hopeful at the moment, but February is a long way off in terms of Covid.

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Another option would be to transfer your deposit to a tour that runs later in the year.

We signed up for two 2022 RS tours: Munich, Salzburg & Vienna (May) and Best of England (September).
We cancelled the May tour and will wait until April to decide on the September tour.

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Cases are rising but hospitalisations and deaths remain low in comparison to the previous variant outbreaks. The vast majority of those badly affected by the Omicron variant appear to be the unvaccinated andthe trend appears to follow what is being seen in South Africa. If you'refully vaccinated then your risk of serious illness is very low however it does not preclude you from contracting the virus which will impact on any journey home.

Whether RS shares the optimism is anyone's guess.

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Is the UK currently requiring a booster within 6 months of your visit?

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I have two friends who caught Covid before Christmas. Both are double vaccinated and boosted. The one in London said it felt like the flu and she still has no energy nearly a week later. The friend in France narrowly avoided going to hospital on Christmas Day as she was so unwell. She is still in bed. It isn’t just a mild cold for many people.

The issue isn’t just how many are in hospital, but also how many are off work, impacting on transport, tourism and the hospitality sectors.

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I'm in London now. Some of the museums and services in London are either closed or on shorter hours this week because of staff shortges due to covid.

However, news out of South Africa, where the Omicron variant started, says that cases are starting to wane and we could see a lessening of numbers.

London has very few restrictions due to Covid and it's doubtful more will be added in the near future. But only time will tell what will happen in February.