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Family Tour vs BOE14

I am taking my shy 14 year old granddaughter on a RS tour next summer. I can’t decide between the London-Florence Family tour or the BOE14. If you have taken teenagers on either tour please weigh in. Thanks!

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Hi Annie, we took our 13 year old granddaughter on the London - Florence Family tour last summer. We all had a wonderful, memorable time. Our guide did a good job pulling the kids together and acknowledging who they were. Some of the girls in the group became very close. Others, not as much. It didn't matter - we all had a great time. We did a few days early in London and Harry Potter was a big hit. At the end we spent a few days in Rome. I highly recommend this trip.

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The winner of the scrapbook contest for 2018 was the Family Tour London to Florence, check it out. It will give you a good idea of what the tour is like.
Go to: Tours, Scrapbook Contest to find it.

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I think the biggest question, with the ages the participants are now, is if your granddaughter would feel more comfortable with younger or older kids. Also, whether you'd feel more comfortable with her hanging out with younger or older kids.

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We took our then 14 year old daughter on the London - Florence Family tour in 2016 and it was our best vacation ever! My daughter is also quite shy, or she was then, but that was never a problem. The ages of children in the other families ranged from a few years younger to young adults. It was wonderful to have a second tour guide along and by the time we hit Florence my daughter was very happy to go off with that guide and all the youth for their own tour of the Uffizi Gallery. We had such a wonderful time that we are returning for the Amsterdam - Rome Family tour this summer. She will then be 18 years old, but wanted to do this tour knowing there would be other youth along, rather than one of the other tours where she might be the only one.

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We are going on the BOE14 starting on 6/28 with our 18-year-old daughter.