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Fall tour to England

I'm about to go on the last England in 14 days tour. Have you done a fall tour? Have you traveled in late September or early October? Is there anything I should consider? I usually make my trips in May when the sunshine is increasing.

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I was in Europe all of last October and loved the weather most of the time. Fall colors were beautiful, and except for a few days of cold front where temps fell into the high 30's (Germany and Austria) the rest of our daytime temps were in the mid-high 60's and low 70's. Most nights were cool enough for a jacket or sweater(s) under a light rain jacket if breezy and a few were quite cold. I would definitely take a sweater or two along with a rain coat and if it were me I would also take a fleece jacket. Shopping is not always easy once the tour begins unless you are willing to miss out on something. The lack of huge crowds made our tour most enjoyable and I think you will have a better time for traveling in shoulder season. Have fun!

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Hello emoore1, I travel often to the UK during Sept/Oct and find it a fabulous time to go. You might find you experience LESS rain in the fall than in the spring/summer. The gardens are still great to visit (even in late September when the dahlias are out). I have found less crowds at that time of year, although you won't notice much difference in airfare until later in October. Have a lovely time!