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Extra Day in Belfast?

We are planning to stay a day in Belfast after the RS 14 day Ireland tour and have read good things about the Black Cab tour. The RS tour includes "a rolling tour that takes us along reminders of the past decades' Troubles, including the striking political murals of Shankill and Falls Road. " Does anyone know if the Black Cab tour is different enough from what we will see during the "rolling tour" to be worthwhile? If not, what else would you recommend?


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It wouldn't be different enough. It sounds very similar.

The gaol is supposed to be interesting. Make sure you book in advance. (We didn't so we weren't able to see it.) I've also heard that the city hall is worth touring. (It wasn't open on our free day, so, again, we didn't see it.) Obviously, these aren't personal recommendations, but just things I've heard about, so hopefully someone can chime in to confirm or deny. There's also the Titanic museum.

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Yes, the RS tour sounds like the same thing, just not called Black Cab tour. Agree with other poster about the Titanic place. The Ulster Museum is also quite good.

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I took the RS tour last year, and the bus ride through the Shankill and Falls Road areas was interesting. We made one stop, at a mural along the separation wall. The guide (Susie Millar, excellent) had grown up in Belfast during the Troubles, so her description of the area, and other discussions in other parts of Belfast, were probably better than a non-Belfast-based guide would have done. I didn't do a Black Cab tour, but I think that tour would have provided much greater depth and detail, as well as more stops for closer looks. So if you're especially interested in that area and material, and have time after the RS tour, you'd do well to go with a Black Cab. In fact, your previous bus ride through the area would probably help you ask better questions and go into more depth on the cab tour, making it a better value for your time and money.

I left Belfast the afternoon after the tour ended, but had time for a visit to the Ulster Museum, which I thought was quite good. I went through the exhibits inside City Hall during free time on the tour, I guess the last afternoon before it ended. Both were well worthwhile. An extra day or two in Belfast could be well spent if you have time.