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Europe in 14 days -just how hot are the hotels in July?

Hi all - I know Europe is hot in July and I know the Rick Steves hotel description says no or weak air conditioning in the hotels but I would like to hear from anyone who has been on this tour to see just how hot is it? Summer (and really July) is the only time my whole family can go on this tour and I would like to hear people's thoughts on the temperature in the hotel rooms and how they managed in the summer months.

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I make a point to never stay in any hotel anywhere without A/C. Some hotels have windows that open, some don't, but I am a woman of a certain age and hot flashes are bad enough without being unable to get cool, it literally becomes impossible to get ready in the morning, and even worse if it's a hair-washing day.

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"know Europe is hot in July" - that is a generalisation which is untrue. Europe is a continent with a vast range of temperatures.
You can basically divide it between "South of the Alps" and "North of the Alps". South of the Alps you need Air Conditioning in Summer, north of the Alps you usually do not and air conditioning is not common.
Here in Basel, 30°C is a hot summer day (of which we had very few this year, it was a horrible summer), in London 25° is counted as a hot day.
For example, the following are typical July maximum daily temperatures:

  • Madrid 32°
  • Naples 29° (cooler because it is nearer the sea).
  • Florence 31°
  • Athens 33°


  • Paris 25°
  • Berlin 24°
  • London 23°
  • Copenhagen 20°
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Thank you Christa and Chris.
I am really hoping someone who has been on this specific tour (Rick Steve's Europe in 14 days) in the summer can tell me about the temperature in the Hotels. Specifically the Rick Steve's tour hotels they stayed in while in France and Italy.
I think we'll be ok with the temperature in the Alps :-) .
Thanks so much for the help!

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I don't think you are guaranteed the same hotels as previous tours, even the ones right before yours. I will say that while most hotels have AC that will cool a room to a more comfortable 78 or so, few have AC that will keep a room at 70 on a 90+ day.
Since almost half the tour is in Italy, a notoriously hot in the summer country, you should remember that McDonalds serves the iciest drinks. I can't believe I am saying that!

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Thank you Josh! I really appreciate the McDonalds comment- I will definitely keep it in mind - lol!! Thanks also for the hotel info. I know they switch them up so I was just looking for general info like yours. I just wanted to see if we would be relatively comfortable - I think we could deal with 78 especially since we won't be there much (and we're originally from FL).

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July can be hot in Europe. This tour one half of the hotels have air conditioning. When there is air I have always been able to get cool enough and find it comfortable to sleep. The A/C typically doesn't run when you aren't in the room since it only works when your key is in the device. The other half of the hotels don't have A/C. That' s not a problem in Switzerland and usually not an issue in Paris since they have the same weather as Seattle. We will know all the hotel assignments by the end of January so we can easily tell you all the specifics.

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We were on the 21 day tour this past July. It wasn't exceptionally hot but then I am from California so I am used to it. Italy got warm and the air conditioning is adequate. Don't plan for it to be hot weather the whole time. I had to buy a fleece jacket in Germany because I was cold. (This jacket came in handy in Switzerland). We also had a lot of rain. Even in Rome, our walking tour was cut short by a freak thunderstorm. we were all soaked (wet tennis shoes and socks not fun). The next day was sunny and no rain. Your umbrella can double as a parasol to protect you from the sun. I would have slept with windows open in Florence and Venice but for the mosquitoes. We were there July 6 to 27. It was the trip of a lifetime. We had the best time ever. P.S. McDonald's also good for free bathrooms.

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Thank you so much Jenn and Debbie! I think we will be fine in the hotels - it will add to the adventure! I'm glad you had a wonderful trip Debbie! It will be a trip of a lifetime for us too!

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I did the Europe in 14 days Family tour.. in july.. basically similar itinerary.

It was hot in Rome.. but hotel in Rome had good ac. Paris hotel also had good ac. Hotels in Switzerland and Austria didn't.. but it wasn't too hot ,, just nice.
I am sure it varies from tour to tour which hotels they use.. but as I said.. where its historically guaranteed to be roasting hot I think they make a big effort to make sure you get ac in those hotels at least.