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Entry to the Alhambra?

On the Best of Spain in 14 days tour the Itinerary seems to imply that it’s not always possible to get into the Alhambra - it is not always “available” - does anyone know if there is a limitation here?

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AFAIK the Itinerary on that tour normally includes a visit to the Alhambra. However, there is a notation of "when available" listed as well. The best way to get information on that would be to contact the RS tour department - .

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I obtained tickets last week for Alhambra for the last of May, however I had to go through a tour company to get them. The Alhambra tickets directly from their website were sold out. I assume tour companies buy tickets in bulk.

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When I was a kid, 1959, my father was stationed at Torejon Air Force Base in Madrid. While touring around Spain, we walked right into La Alhambra and, except for a few staff, had the place all to ourselves for hours.

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Our tour guide (60-ish) for the Alhambra told us that when she was a kid, she and her siblings used to play hide and seek in the Alhambra dungeons. Open access back then to the whole grounds.

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There is a very strict limit of 8,000 visitors a day to Alhambra. We were on a tour (not RS) where some members tickets had been cancelled in error by the government. Try as they might, the tour manager and local company could get no where with the officials at the site to allow these folks to enter. So, it seems a likely possibility that RS will not be able to obtain tickets.