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End of BOE 21 days-Extra Time in Paris

Hi My family and I are going on the BOE 21 day tour which ends on a Saturday in Paris. Based on all the wonderful advice on this forum we have decided to do a biking tour of Versailles before we fly home on Monday. I had originally booked the tour for Saturday based on Rick's advice not to go to Versailles on a Sunday if possible and also so we could spend our last day relaxing and really enjoying our last day. I am now rethinking this (over planner here). I am thinking maybe we should have Saturday as our free day (with more things open, more outdoor markets,and we will be staying near Rue Cler which I believe is very quiet on Sundays) and switch the bike tour to Sunday.

Please let me know your thoughts. and thanks for all advice I have read.

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We did the BOE tour this past summer and stayed on in Paris afterwards for another 8 days and really saw the city. Sunday's are quiet in the early mornings but by 11 am the market streets are busy. We also stayed in the Rue Cler area and the quiet day of the week for that street is Monday - that is their day off. We spent two Sundays in Paris - the first was in St Germain and it was quite busy (we were there in the afternoon). Our last day in Paris was also a Sunday and we spent the day exploring the Rue Montorgueil market street and it was a lively happening place - especially from about 11 am - but in the morning there was certainly some activity as well. In deciding which day to go to Versailles, it is definitely worth going on a day when the fountains in the gardens are operating as they do not run every day (check the RS guidebook for details). We went to Versailles on a Saturday and took in the gardens in the morning with all the fountains operating, then after lunch (in the town of Versailles) we did the inside of the palace in a small group guided tour which took in many parts of the palace not open to the general public. It is definitely worth going to Versailles to see the fountains in operation. I think they run on both days of the weekend but check your guidebook to be sure. Anyways - hope you enjoy your trip! (hard not too!)

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I enjoyed staying on/near Rue Cler after my BOE ended as well altho some here scoff at the neighborhood. However, I would not plan my days for what might be open on Rue Cler. The pedestrian part is not that long and you will walk up and down it a number of times anyway on the other days you are there, so I would base your plans on other factors. I went to Versailles on a Thursday so can't give you advice there except friends did the bike tour and had a great time. As a huge planner myself, I will suggest that yes, you are in danger of overplanning this!

Take a look at google maps and walk the part from the intersection of Rue Cler and Rue du Champs de Mars going about a block in either direction. These stores are permanent so this street is not like a Farmer's Market where people are coming in from elsewhere. Here is a link that will take you to that intersection.

Have a wonderful, wonderful time on the BOE. I loved it and actually think about it every single day. What an experience!

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When is your tour? I'm taking the 21 BOE May 3rd-23rd. I'll be going to Versailles when the tour ends on Sat. I signed up for the Viator Versailles Palace and Marie-Antoinette's Petite Trianon in the afternoon. Sometimes you gotta go when it works best to go.

Have a great time on your tour! Can't wait for mine!