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Emailing my RS tour guides to Check on them

We have been on 7 RS tours since 2014. I have been thinking about them . So I emailed them a couple of weeks ago to check on our tour guides to see how they were holding up. I heard back from 4 and they are doing fine. Trying to cope with the life changes going on. Lots of reading, researching, walks in the neighborhood, cooking, reading, listening to music, remodeling and working on their homes, etc. My heart aches for them that they are not working and losing income too. They are so gifted, talented, awesome and enjoy leading RS tours. They miss us! All are in good health and abiding by the social distancing. A way Life has changed and a scary for us at the present time. Keep good thoughts and prayers for them during our current situation. One guide mentioned "this season will be probably lost and I expect that next year will still be quiet." Take time to appreciate your family, friends and important things in your life.

May we all travel soon.


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Thank you Kim. What a kind thing to do! I have been thinking about everyone in the RS organization as well. I’m glad to hear your guides are well. I have the emails of a few of mine so might send a note to them. Here’s hoping and praying our lives get back to normal whatever that looks like in the future.

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I have been thinking the same thing about the guides from our travels. We also have been on 7 tours but a little more spread out. I wonder how the guides that live in the countries are doing and think about our trips often. Hopefully they all are doing ok. I worry about the ones in Italy the most. We have always had such great guides.