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Eastern France tour September 24?

The countdown has begun! Packing/repacking is in full swing, scrapbooks and travel guides have been read and reread. Anyone else on the tour this same week? Feel free to send me a private message. We would love to compare notes. Anyone who took the tour earlier this year have any specific tips about sights, restaurants, clothes etc?
I realize this is a long shot since few RS tour members seem to know about and/or use the forum. '(Wish RS would post a link to the travel forum as part of your personal tour account. That wouldn't invade privacy but would allow interested tour members a way to connect ahead of time.)

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I am on this tour, going solo. This is my 5th RS tour, and I have been to France several times, but not some of these cities, so I am really looking forward to this itinerary. I am leaving on 9/20 for Paris, for a few days before going to Reims. I have been to Aix-in-Provence, and Vaison la Romaine. I probably won't start packing until a few days before leaving. I have traveled in Europe in the fall before, and find that is usually warmer than I would like. I live in St. Louis. Judy

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Oh Pam, this tour was definitely one of the top tours in our hearts but we just couldn't work out the days this year. We won't be able to do this tour until we retire because we work every third weekend and the dates just don't work out for us. Plus, it's difficult more and more to get off enough days from work :(

I love this itinerary!

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We've just finished the tour. My brain is a little mushy from 3 weeks on the road, as we added days on either end, but I'll try to help. Is my memory is correct, you have done other RS tours? I say that because each one is influenced to some extent by different guides and hotels can vary from one to the next.

What I can say from our trip - we loved it
- the most luggage pulling of any of our 3 previous tours. The locations were wonderful and central, but the bus was too big for the small streets.
- we arrived in Reims on Saturday. Hotel Continental was an easy stroll from the train station. We did the caves at Tattinger on Sunday and just walked in for a tour; didn't need a reservation. Also did a tasting at Martel, but they don't have a cellar. Our group had a tasting there. Mumms was supposed to be open on Saturday, but it wasn't and it's closed on Sundays.

It's after 22:00 in France right now and my brain is getting musher by the moment. I'll try to do more tomorrow or PM and I can give you more info.

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More thoughts...
- we looked at weather forecasts 10 days out from day before departure and they proved to be accurate for only about 5 days. It turned out to be much warmer than the forecast. Fortunately, I Packed based on what the weather had been on our one other trip to France in late August. I was comfortable at the Aguille Midi with a light jacket and my $20 lightweight windbreaker/rain jacket over it. A hat &scarf would have been welcome, but my husband went up father with those in the backpack and I did OK without them. There is a very inexpensive gear shop that RS mentions in Chamonix if you need more gear.
- our group dinner in Colmar was at Le 3 restaurant and we liked it so much we ate there a second night.
- we really liked the restaurant Le Belena in Beaune. This was one the guide suggested and we ate their on our free night.

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Patty, thank you so much! I have already put your restaurant recommendations in my notes. I fully expect the weather to be warmer than predicted and am packing accordingly.
I may send you a PM with more specific questions. I so appreciate you taking the time to respond.