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Eastern Europe-- a Go for us

We booked Best of Eastern Europe as soon as the 2022 tours opened up. Booked late September.

Today Rick Steves sent out a global email regarding travel safety.

We will be on the tour no matter what, unless of course it is cancelled for covid, war, floods, locusts, famine, floods, or whatever other hurdle can happen. The following statement resonated with me.

"The tragic reality of what’s happening in Ukraine only reminds me how important it is for Americans to keep on traveling and to do so in a way that makes us better and more engaged citizens of our world. "

This trip will take us to areas that could be affected by the war. We will be in countries that border Ukraine. We live in the USA where we go about our daily lives, when so many people in the world have had their routine and homes disrupted due to an unimaginable event. It may not be so perfect this time, but what a way to see the world from another perspective. Rick's email was spot on.

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I’m going on the RS Scandinavia tour in May and appreciate Rick’s email about traveling safely in Europe and the importance of Americans traveling in Europe to gain a broader perspective on the world. I’m grateful for many things, one being that I am a Rick Steves repeat customer. He proves to me over and over that he is ethical and concerned about us and the people in other countries, too.

I received his email last night.

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I’ll have a little more of a buffer in terms of distance from Ukraine, but I bought my air ticket to Bosnia and Herzegovina for August last night. BiH, of course, has its own problems with nationalist politicians fanning the flames of division while rattling their sabres.

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We're booked on Best of Eastern Europe, but earlier in September. There are no certainties in life, but I am confident that if there is a reason we shouldn't be traveling to those countries, Rick Steves will cancel the trip. Otherwise, we plan to be on it. I think it's so important to boost the economies of countries whose people are willing to make sacrifices to welcome refugees from this tragic war. Perhaps we could learn something from the people of Eastern Europe.

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I bought my own ticket (and have lodging reserved) for a month in Poland in September traveling solo a few months ago. While, of course, I will be waiting and watching the situation, I will also hopefully be cognizant of the line between spending my money there and being a bother. But it is way too early to consider cancelling. Many things could happen between now and then. I have no real agenda beyond experiencing Poland, so I can’t imagine this opportunity as being anything less than perfect, for the reason Rick mentions. There is so much goodness happening in Poland right now.

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We are on the RS Best of Eastern Europe in June and plan to be on it unless Rick feels we shouldn't go. I feel we should be there as long as it is safe to support the economies of those who are helping the Ukrainian refugees. And I don't think it hurts to have the realities of the situation brought home to us when we can go about our daily lives back here in the US and we can bring those experiences back home. Right now I have to routinely remind people who complain about gas prices that they can sure let the heads of those gas and oil companies know about their displeasure, and that at least we are not fleeing our homes with just what we can carry fearful for our lives and the lives of our loved ones. I agree, Rick's email was spot on.

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I'm heading to Poland in a little over 2 weeks, those traveling to Poland or a neighboring country to Ukraine, should think of it as an opportunity to directly donate to the countries' humanitarian efforts to help Ukrainian refugees. The ministry of tourism for Poland even said as much.

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Eastern Tour is fabulous and nearly everyday I reflect on our 2016 experience. Peter was our guide.