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Doge’s Palace on Rick Steve’s tour

It isn’t clear from the itinerary on the Venice/Florence/Rome tour if tickets to the Doge’s Palace in Venice are included. It appears to me they aren’t. What is the best way to secure them if they aren’t?
We will try to arrive in Venice at least 48 hours before the tour begins so can go on the previous day if needed.
On the same topic are there any other tickets to secure ahead of time for that tour? We are staying 2 extra days later in Rome so will get tickets to the Borghese. ( this is the tentative plan anyway since we have booked pre and post tour hotels already)

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I would check with the RS office first, as I remember that we did have a tour of the Palace included on that tour a number of years ago.

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It was not included on the 21 day tour. Call and ask them. Timing of itinerary items can change a bit depending on weather and other factors that might pop up.

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The afternoon and evening are free to explore the imposing Doge's Palace, take in a church concert, waltz on St. Mark's Square, or pub-crawl your way through this unique city.

From the 'Day 2' itinerary. Doge's Palace is a DIY.

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Thanks, that is what I thought, but was surprised t wasn’t included. Can I get tickets through Rick Steves travel services or better to book on my own or book the private tour?

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I haven't been to the Doge's Palace, but there have been many positive comments on this forum about the Secret Itineraries Tour, which you can book on the Doge's Palace website. That avoids the need to stand in line. One of our posters made a trip to Venice recently, not long after Italy opened to American tourists. He reported Rick's suggestion of bypassing the long ticket line at the Doge's Palace by buying the combo ticket at the Correr Museum was no longer viable. I believe he said the Correr ticket line was also long.

Here's where you can book the Secret Itineraries Tour:

This appears to be the official ticket website for general tickets. Rick's books are excellent about providing this information, and he normally explains what combination-ticket options are available. However, those options may have changed since the current editions of the books covering Venice went to press.

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What acraven said -- though I hadn't heard that the option of buying a combo ticket at the Correr was no longer available. The Correr is a good museum in its own right. Whether you do the Secret Itineraries tour, Correr option, or something else, I'd suggest getting your Doge's Palace tickets ahead of time so you don't waste time in the ticket line there.

The RS tour leaves you inside St. Mark's Basilica around midday, and the palace is right next door, so that's probably the best time to go there. It's a fascinating building.

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I can’t comment on the V/F/R tour but in 2018 we purchased a museum pass at the Correr Museum the day we arrived in Venice. We enjoyed the Correr Museum very much. Well worth the visit. It would be great to see Doges Palace, and other sites not on the RS itinerary prior to your tour. Glad you plan to visit the Borghese in Rome as well!
I don’t know if the info below is still valid.
Edited to add:

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Sorry I wasn't clear. I think the Correr + Doge's Palace combo ticket is still being sold; it's just sounds as if it's not much faster to buy it at the Correr than at the Doge's Palace. The point of the earlier tip was that one could apparently get the combo ticket very easily at the Correr.

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The Secret Iteneraries tour of the Doges Palace is memorable. Definitely pay to take this guided small group tour of the spaces above the normal areas open to the public. Lots of history is given during the tour. You buy these timed tickets on the Doges web site. We picked the tickets up as directed before the tour. Also pay to set up a timed entrance to the Cathedral when the lights are on. We didn’t know that the Cathedral is only lighted at certain times.