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Dinner schedule on Tours

Quick question since I have never been on a tour......
Trying to schedule a Guided Tour of Vatican on a tour that says we have lunch and afternoon on our own,, then meet back for dinner. What time do group dinners usually begin? Trying to pay for Vatican Tour, but don't want to miss group dinner since it is our last night of the trip?
Thanks! Brooke

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Suggest you give the RS office a call or email and ask them. They may be able to get an answer for you. I had a concern on an upcoming trip and they told me. For the 14 day England Tour the last night group dinner will be 7:00 pm. Now this may vary from tour to tour.

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Hi Brooke - I’ve only been on one Rick Steves tour - and it was Italy. I found dinner times varied depending on the other activities / travel planned for the day. Our tour included a guided visit to the Vatican. It was a beautiful moving experience. Make sure you’re not replicating anything already planned. We did not visit the underground sites with Rick Steves nor the Borghese Gallery. This is where I’d spend my free time. I enjoyed being with our fellow tour members and would not want to miss the last group dinner.

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In general I would probably plan to be back at the hotel and ready to go out again at 6. You might wind up meeting up later but you will probably walk to your restaurant so better to be ready for an earlier departure.

I agree with Amy to check and make sure this is not something the tour will cover. I've done 2 different RS tours that included Rome and both went to the Vatican - BUT that was a few years ago. I know they stopped doing the Vatican Museum one year because it was a special celebration year so do check on it.

The farewell dinner is always fun! I would go for early afternoon.

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Brooke, it looks like you're doing the Amsterdam to Rome Family Tour in June, and you are traveling with an 8 year-old? If I had a concern it's that you'd also be doing a "strenuous" (RS rating) walking morning of the Colosseum and Forum. Trying to tackle both of Rome's most popular - and densely crowded - tourist attractions will be a looooong, wearing day, especially so for your son, and especially during high season.

As it looks like your tour will arrive in Rome on Friday and itinerary for that day doesn't look as demanding, you might consider forgoing the evening walk with the RS tour for a late-opening self-guided tour at the Vatican? You would not be visiting the basilica but would see the highlights of the museum, including the Sistine. It would allow you to spend as long or as little a time as you wish, and it won't be quite as crowded and probably not as overly warm.

Just a thought?