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Day Bags

Ladies, what type of bag do you carry around with you while site-seeing? What types of things have you found you need during the day excluding the obvious money/cc, camera, phone, glasses. Thanks!

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for a recent trip to Italy/Slovenia I actually carried a smaller bag than the purse I carry in the states! I wore what's basically a small messenger bag cross body, the things you list above plus a foldable sun hat, a couple of cough drops, a small pill box of advil, Kleenex, one ounce bottle of hand sanitizer, a couple of band aids, a couple of safety pins, 15 spf chap stick, 2 pens, and a copy of the business card for that nights hotel so I had the address. a city map in the outside pocket. I tend to over pack (checked a roller bag) but I did really well on how little I carried during the day. I cant recall wishing for anything that I did NOT have in that bag. in crowded areas I simply kept my hand on top of the bag, had no problems

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I usually have a cross-body bag/purse. I have never had any issues. I don't do money belt like many people like, to each their own. And, I always have the bag in front of me. On my last trip, I found that carrying a portable mobile charger was really awesome!
It is my new favorite gadget. I am not addicted to my phone at all...but as a solo traveller I feel better if it is charged at all times.

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I carry the tear drop shaped shoulder bag from Ameribag. The medium one holds all my normal purse stuff, plus camera, iPhone, water, sunglasses, sunscreen, a rolled hat, guide book, note book, umbrella (which i also use in strong sun), and when appropriate, gloves and a packable hooded rain shell. The small one holds all of the above, except the rain shell. The microfiber one is really light. And best of all... although I have a bad repetitive use injury, I can carry that much stuff without it hurting my shoulder – that would never be possible with a normal shoulder purse.

Because it only has one strap, I've never had a museum ask me to check it – even when smaller backpacks had to be checked.

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I try to go as light as possible for my day bag and only bring what I really need. This means I may rip up my guide book and bring pages I will use during the day (or I may not bring the book at all). I usually will have a map, camera, sunglasses, etc. I like to use a cloth bag as my day bag. I bring one with long handles so it fits over my shoulder easily. I find it easy to slip my map in and out of my bag, so I look less like a tourist! Also, a cloth bag is great for using to pick up picnic supplies and it's very light weight. I can slip in a small umbrella, if need be.

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I use a crossbody purse. The size varies from trip to trip, depending on what I expect to carry. The smaller the better.

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I use the Civita day bag as well. One think I recommend is a ziploc bag for your guidebook, maps, papers, phone, camera batteries, etc. I usually carry an umbrella but can recall my day bag getting soaked on a couple occasions when I got caught in the rain. Just makes life easier if you can protect those items inside your bag.

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If I am going to be close enough to get back to my hotel if needed, I just take a small purse that I can wear cross body. It has my spending cash I expect to need, phone, camera, guidebook pages, transportation passes I'll be using, Excedrin, and a really small umbrella. If I am going farther I usually take a small backpack instead and add to it a jacket, water bottle, and some snacks.

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For years I have used a Derek Alexander cross body bag. Not terribly elegant but it carried everything including a (500ml) bottle of water. This year it has been retired and I have bought myself a Lugg bag. Very lightweight, some useful pockets inside with zips and can be worn cross body. Aside from cash for the day, I carry a small Sony camera, tissues, hand sanitizer, lip balm, water bottle and IPod loaded with whatever information I need.

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I opt for the Metro Safe 250 GII shoulder bag from Pac safe. Melds perfectly for what I carry around traveling. Glass case, iPad Mini, pen, small Canon point and shoot camera and tiny zip purse bag that contains ear plugs, aspirin tin, twist ties, small pencil, nail clippers, and my St. Christopher's medal, the one I bought on my very first European trip in 1972. For me it's a practical traveling bag.

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I definitely recommend a cross-body bag that you wear in the front. To my mind, wearing a backpack only says "Here, take whatever you want!" I tried a money belt once - hated it, too hot, too inconvenient. I love the Baggalini line of bags and for years I've used their cross-body front pack (I think they call it a messenger bag) for my travels It has several large zippered inside sections plus some smaller outside ones too. This year I bought a new Baggalini called a hobo bag - it looks more like a purse but is also cross-body. We'll see how this works! There are many good suggestions above on what to take - just pick those that work for you.

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A cross body messenger style bag. I've tried so many and still haven't found the "one" for me. Excluding essentials you mentioned: moneybelt worn in back, kleenex, handsani, spf face care, chap stick, foldup travel hairbrush/mirror, hair scrunchie, bandana, pillbox with 1 aleve, water thermos, mini snacks, mini-umbrella, guide book pages/day notes in clear sleeve to keep dry, mini flash light, hotel business card, minipad & pen, a whistle, sugar free candies & mints; a sense of humor, patience, a sense of adventure!

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I carry a cross-body Pacsafe bag. It has Kevlar in the strap, and a RFID anti-theft pocket in the bag. While the Kevlar might seem a bit much, the RFID protection is for my passport/and or credit cards. I carry this bag in NYC several times a year, not because I worry about pickpockets, but because it has a nice strap and it is waterproof. There are spaces for an umbrella and water bottle (on the outside), plus fits my folded up rain-jacket on the inside. Also, there is space for a small tablet, and each compartment has a locking component. Bags really depend on the individual. I sometimes experience shoulder pains and a regular purse does not work for me. My cross-body is for traveling. My regular day purse, also travel friendly, is a Longchamps bag. They fold up small, weigh almost nothing, and are water resistant. I also carry a Chico bag where ever I go. They fold up super small and weigh nothing. They are not secure and very lightweight. However, they are good for picnic purchases, or to be used as a temporary store bag on the way back to the hotel. I will be taking my Pacsafe bag with me to Athens next summer (with my Chico bag), and may throw the Longchamps bag in as a possible extra.

Have fun!!

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I carry a cross body bag, usually the messenger bag I purchased at a Paris street market. I use a money belt, but put a few bills in a zip pant pocket. I carry a pashmina, in case I get cold or need to cover my shoulders. I also take my ipad mini, comes in handy for pictures and checking emails and such whenever I find wifi. I also carry tissues, don't want to go toilet and find no tp! Plus, don't forget the hand sanitizer, for those pesky public toilets that have no soap. I include pages from a guide book and or maps.