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Covid vaccine card

RS tour folks – having traveled since Covid vaccine card is being requested:

Are you bringing your actual vaccination card or a copy, to show the tour guide?

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Do I need to bring my original vaccination card with me on tour?

Yes, you may be asked to present your original vaccination card so we recommend carrying it with you when you travel. In addition, you should either scan or photograph both sides of your card and keep the digital copy on an easily accessible device, such as your phone.

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I showed a paper copy of mine on one tour this past summer, and there was no problem.

On the previous tour, also this summer, the guide accepted digital copies (on phones, etc.) but then came back later and said he had to have everyone's actual CDC card. I suspect that requirement went away because the guides objected. There were supposed to fill out forms online, using info from each tour member's card. Lots of work!

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Thanks – we are all just trying to stay safe and figure this out - since our first vaccination my husband and I have made copies to carry with us (he in his briefcase, me in my purse) in a Ziploc baggie, while keeping the original cards in a Ziploc baggie in our fireproof lockbox with our passports and such –

***Guess to be safe we’ll carry the originals safely with our passports, on our person - one can't do anything if the guides want to see the orginals and one doesn't have them -

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I'm not on an RS tour (though currently in Italy). I'm just currious if the RS tour folk would accept a US State-issued QR code.

I can confirm Italy is currently requiring masks on trains, but not for indoor venues like museums and such. My flight into Florence from Zurich did not require masks.